How to Start Intermittent Fasting As a Runner

As a runner, trying intermittent fasting for the first time can be quite intimidating. But fret no more. Today, I’m going to share with you all you need to know about this practice along with a few practical diet and training tips to help proceed with this method without fail. So are you excited? Then here we go…

Should You Run on Asphalt or Concrete?

Ever since I became a runner, I ‘ve always been warned of the supposed dangers of running on hard surfaces, especially concrete and sidewalks. But if you’re a city dweller—just like most of us—a paved...

How To Start Trail Running – 11 Steps For Beginners

Are you looking to take your running to the next level? Looking for a good way to mix your running workouts and add a new challenge and twist to your training program? Or are you just bored with your regular running routine? Then why not give trail running a try and be one with nature. The fact is, trail running is awesome, and its physical and mental benefits are—beyond the shadow of a doubt—undeniable. Therefore, if you have a been a consistent “city”, on-road kinda of a runner, and are thinking about heading off to the beaten track, then keep on reading. Trail running is simple, but taking your first few steps can be really intimidating. But fret no more. This awesome guide will teach you how to start trail running right, avoid injury or burnout, stay safe for the long haul and make the most out of every trail workout you do. So are you ready to discover the wild soothing side of running? Then here we go… Trail Running Demystified

Is Running Bad For your Joints & Bones?

Conventional ways of thinking have always stated that running can mess up the bones and cause serious bones problems. Couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, current research has shown, over and over again, that it’s not the case. That’s why, in today’s post, I will delve a little deeper into some of the research conducted on this topic. Not only that, I’ll also discuss some of the ways that running can help increase bone strength, reduce inflammation, and prevent joint degenerative disease—all of which can help you lead a longer, ailment-free life. So, are you excited? Then here we go. Is Running Good For your Joints & Bones?

6 Yoga Poses to Ease Post-Run Muscle Soreness

if you feel sore after a run, then good job buddy! But this soreness can also be a bad thing, especially if it’s interfering with your everyday activities. Post-run soreness can also be an unpleasant experience—even painful at times, and may interfere with your daily activity and how ready you can be—physically and mentally—for your next workout. Therefore, today I’m sharing with you one of my favorite cross-training activities you can do to speed up recovery: yoga.

How to Breathe When Running in the Cold – Winter Exercise Tips

Winter running is no easy feat, especially for runners who have breathing problems during cold weather. In fact, most runners—except for the lucky ones living in moderate climate regions—often experience issues such as a runny nose, restricted breathing, burning lungs, and a dry throat when braving the cold. For these reasons (and some), many shy away from winter running.

Runners Diet – Your Complete Guide To Dietary Fats

Are you afraid of fats? If your answer is yes, then this blog post is perfect for you, especially if you are serious about reaching your full running potential. Should you Hate Fats? Decades of shunning fat have left a bad taste in our mouths. But here is the truth: Dietary fats are not the enemy. These, contrary to faddy diet trends and popular belief, are a vital macronutrient that plays a crucial rule in your total health and well-being. That’s why I’ve put together this complete guide to dietary fats for runners. In this blog post, you will learn almost all you need to know about dietary fats as well as the best foods sources so you can meet your daily requirement of this valuable ingredient. So are you excited? Then here we go.

12 Traffic Safety Rules For City Runners

I believe that accidents involving vehicles and runners are on the rise as running becomes more popular among city dwellers. Although I couldn’t find any specific related the number of fatalities among the running population, I bet it’s a big number. For that reason, whether you’re a professional marathoner, a veteran biker, or just a recreational runner, following a few safety rules and some old common sense can help keep you safe (and alive) when you hit the streets for a run. Here is the good news. In today’s post, I’ll outline a very basic, and simple list, of standard outdoor running safety tips. If you abide by them, running in the city can be a great way to get and stay in shape, while staying as safe as possible. Some of the advice I’m sharing with you today is something you probably heard a thousand times (look both ways when you cross the street, for instance), but that does not make them less relevant.  In fact, the majority of accidents occur because one or both of the people involved failed to do the “boring” thing.

How To Start Running Safely & Pain-Free

Hello and welcome to the running world, my friend! I’m glad to have you here, even if you haven’t started running yet. The truth is, literally any can become a runner merely by declaring that...

6 Quick Dynamic Warm Up Exercises for Runners

As a runner, if you are serious about performing your best and preventing injury, then you need to start doing both general and specific warm-up exercises before your runs, especially before hard workouts and...