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7 Yoga Flexibility Poses For Runners

Can you run a 10K without breaking a sweat but not touch your toes even if your life depended on it? Well, don’t worry, you are not alone. Scores of runners suffer from flexibility issues. In fact that’s a part of the training process. Running by definition leaves the telltale signs of tight lower back, gluteus, quads, hamstrings and calves. And if you don’t work diligently on working on these areas, they can lead to muscles imbalances, injuries and poor performance. Well, fret no more. Yoga is the practice you need to keep your body healthy and run injury-free for the long haul. It is the perfect antidote.

How to Master Rhythmic Breathing When Running

How you breathe while running can make the difference between an awesome workout and one that leaves you panting for air. Though running is one of the most convenient of all sports, mastering the respiration...

8 Simple Strength Exercises to Improve Your Running

Once I started strength training regularly, I became a much more efficient and injury resistant runner. And I believe the same could happen to you if you only just heed the advice I’m going to...

Top 7 Reasons Why Every Runner Should Do Yoga

Speaking from personal experience, the practice of yoga has changed my running in so many ways. I became more conscious of my breathing—in fact I owe most of the things I learned about breathing to yoga, specifically Pranayama practice. Yoga also helped me correct some major muscle imbalances in my lower body—so it drastically reduced many of the pains, aches and injuries—including a reoccurring runner’s knee that I struggled with for so many years. Plus, yoga has also helped me improve my running form and times, and shortened the time I needed for recovery between runs significantly. The list goes one and one, and the conclusion is: "Yoga Can help Anyone" The gains in strength and flexibility will eventually translate into pain-free running, and decreasing the risks of injury and trouble. That’s a fact I seen with my own eyes, and something that other runners—and athletes in other fields—have professed.

How to Master Hill Training Workouts

Hill running is no easy walk in the park. It requires a mix of stamina, strength, technique, and sheer will-power. That’s why lots of runners have a love/hate relationship with hills. If you tend to...

8 Essential Foot Strengthening Exercises For Runners

As a runner, you should realize by now that strength training is part and parcel of your training program. And if you are already mindful of your muscles, then congratulations! Keep up the good work. But, I still have a question: “Do you do any sort of feet strength training?” If your answer is no, then, buddy, you are missing out, big time. The Benefits of Feet Strength Training

Top 7 Foods To Stop Sugar Cravings For Good

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, then you already know that sugar is the ultimate diet saboteur. Not only that, sugar—in most of its forms—is highly addictive, which makes...
Basic yoga poses for runners

The 9 Yoga Poses Every Runner Should Do

I can’t emphasize the importance of daily yoga practice—regardless of your current physical fitness level and training goals—but a speaking to you as a runner, hatha Yoga is vital for injury prevention, performance, relaxation and improving health on all facets—physical and mental. Practicing these basic yoga poses will help you stretch out your muscles, improve your posture and prevent running injuries and discomfort. Also, Yoga has balancing effect. While running tightens your muscles up, a regular yoga routine can help you loosen them and help them stay pain-and injury-free Taking the First Steps toward a Runner’s Yoga Practice

The 11 Best Exercises for New Runners

There is a lot you can do, as a beginner runner, to bullet-proof your body against common running injuries as well as increase performance on the running field. In other words, you can decrease the risks of pain and injury by taking some time every week to strengthen and stretch vital parts of your body. Today I am sharing with you some of the best exercises you can do as a beginner runner, to guarantee a smooth, and pain-free running experience.

6 Simple Ways to Stop Eating So Much Sugar

Sugar is the ultimate diet killer. It provides little to no nutritional value with lots of calories. Yikes! The sweet, toxic, stuff is the leading cause of a host of diseases. The list is terrifying,...