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The 10 Lunge Variations You Should Be Doing

Today I’m going to talk about one of my favorite strength exercises of all times: The ol’ good lunges, along with 10 variations you can do to change the emphasis on different parts of...

13 Rules for Running in Cold Weather

Hey runners! We’re in November, and for those of us who live in the northern hemisphere, the weather’s turning cooler, and we are entering the coldest time of the year. As the Starks in...

4 Ways To Get Over Feeling Self Conscious While Running

Despite the many years that have passed, I still remember the first time I ran outside. It was probably my second year of college, around nine years ago. I’m guessing I must have weighed...

6 Ways to Become a Faster Runner Without Increasing Mileage

Increasing your running speed should be on your top priority list whether you have just signed for your first 5K, or looking to improve your marathon time. The best way to run faster is to run more miles. Therefore, today I’m going to share with you some creative and awesome training guidelines to help you improve your running speed without logging in more miles

6 Must-Try Deadlift Variations

Truth be told, I believe that the deadlift is one of the greatest strength moves of all-time and ideal for runners (something I have already mentioned in some of my previous posts) looking to increase overall body strength and endurance. This exercise is a compound movement that targets all of the major muscles in your body, with the most emphasis on the back extensors, the glutes, and the hamstrings—key running muscles and the source of power of many an athletic activity, leading to body realignment and creating more stability in your entire body. These posterior chain muscles help propel us forward, and they are vital for reaching top speed and keeping stability while running.

Are You Making These 5 Running Shoe Buying Mistakes?

Whether you’re a beginner runner or an elite athlete, having the right pair of running shoes is a must. Plantar fasciitis, shin splints, blisters, black toenail, and annoying foot pain, are some of the issues...

The Runners Pilates Workout – The Top 7 Exercises

Here at my blog, I do my best to provide you, my dear readers, with a wide range of cross training activities and workouts to help supplement your roadwork. So today’s is Pilates day, and...

6 Fat Burning Running Workouts

The Two Keys To Weight Loss Running Get this: To lose weight effectively with running, you (1) need to follow a sound and healthy diet (not the subject of this post) and (2) follow a running routine that’s specifically tailored to help you burn the maximum amount of calories in the shortest time possible (the subject of this post). Therefore, if you are looking to burn off some serious calories on your next run, here are the run workouts you should do.

The Runner’s Medicine Ball Workout Routine – The 7 Exercises You Need

As a runner, you need to supplement your running with other forms of training. No excuses. Not buts. That’s why, here at Runners Blueprint, I’m doing my best to share with you all I know about cross...

5 Exercises to Prevent Shin Splints While Running

Shin splints! What a painful injury. For those of you looking for some gym exercises that can help you ward off shin splints when running then this article is for you. I’m gonna share with you some of the best preventative lower body exercises that can not only help you prevent shin splints, but also increase your running performance.