5 Podcasts to Listen To While Running & Exercising

Regardless of how much love to log the miles, running can get a little, well, boring.

Maybe you find yourself counting down the minutes until your long run is over, or zoning out when you should be performing your next sprint—we all have our coping mechanisms.

One way to make the miles fly by is to keep your mind engaged with some podcasts. I’m totally addicted to podcasts (some of which I’m sharing below) and listen to one virtually every day, especially on my long runs.

Podcasts are fantastic because they’re relaxing, informative, and certainly fun. A good podcast not only keeps you engaged but also provides white noise to keep you focused while logging the miles.

What’s more?

There are so many shows available to suit any type of interest, regardless of what you’re into—health, comedy, business, history, even crime mysteries.

But here’s the tricky part.

With over 900,000 podcasts and 40 million episodes available at the touch of a button, looking for a good podcast can be a little bit overwhelming.

Worry no more.

In today’s post, I’ve narrowed the selection down to 6 podcast options guaranteed to keep you entertained (and informed) while you log miles.

The Joe Rogan Experience

By far, this is my favorite podcast. Over the past few years, I’ve probably listened to 100’s of Joe’s shows.

With over 1400 episodes and counting, the JRE so has been running for almost ten years and is one of the most popular podcasts. In fact, the JRE is ranked as one of the most popular podcasts across all genres for a reason.

Joe Rogan, a sports broadcaster/stand-up comedian/actor/athlete/cool guy, mixes science, motivation, comedy, straight talk, and total badassery into an all-encompassing show that attracts millions of listeners from all walks of life.

What I like the most about Joe is that he regularly brings on fitness and health experts to discuss (sometimes debate) the hottest trends and the latest discoveries in the health field.

Just keep in mind the majority of the episode are long—up to 3 hours—presented as an-depth conversations with a wide variety of guests and topics, ranging from standup comedians, athletes, actors, and scientists, covering everything from ancient civilizations, psychedelics, science, to politics, and entertainment industry.

Hardcore History

Looking to get a depth look at history? Then this podcast is for you.

Overall, podcasts that cater to history are a priceless way to improve your health, wealth, and wisdom. And there are so many, but as far as I can tell, Hardcore History stands above them all.

Started in 2006, each show dives deep into a specific topic or era of history, with lecture-like episodes running times that often stretch to four hours or longer.

The podcast focuses on great atrocities (subjugation, war crimes, nuclear proliferation), leaders (alexander the great, Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan), and wars (world war, cold war, Punic war, etc.).

Above all else, Dan Carlin is a master orator, narrating the events of ancient history in such a way that draws you into the story, placing you directly into the bodies and minds of the people back then.


If you’re confused about everyday economic concepts, like whether socialism actually works or should you boycott Chinese products, then this podcast is for you.

In the show, Stephen discusses with CEOs, Nobel Prize winners, scientists, and entrepreneurs and tries to demystify economic concepts that lurk behind everyday activities.

With his help, you’ll discover the hidden side of everything—from the economics of blockchain currency, tipping, Chinese competition to how to become great at sleep, and everything in between.

The podcast may seem like too much to digest, but it’s actually conversational and relatable enough for listeners of all ages to grasp.

The Tim Ferris Show

Whether you want to build better relationships, earn more money, improve your health, or simply become happier, this show delivers.

Tim is a best selling author, entrepreneur, investor, philosopher, and notorious self-experimenter, but maybe best famous for his highly acclaimed podcast titled the Tim Ferris Show.

The Time Ferris Show has now generated more than half a billion downloads, turning Tim into the epicenter for people looking to become healthier, wealthier, happier, and wiser.

Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truths

Mind Pump is an online podcast/radio show that has been described as the marriage between fitness and Howard Stern.

The show is always raw, shocking, and definitely entertaining and informative.

Hosted by Self Di Stefano, Justin Andrews, and Adam Schafer, these three crazy guys combine over 40 years of combined training experience as personal trainers, IFBB competitors, club managers, and fitness thought leaders.

This show premise is simple—Each episode aims to expose the RAW TRUTH about fitness, nutrition, health, and much more…

By adding this show to your podcast list, you’ll soon learn how to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to d what it takes to reach your fitness and health goals.


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