The 5 Best Obstacle Races In The World

Obstacles races are taking the world by storm. These events are a true testament of endurance, speed and strength.

Therefore, today I decided to share with you a short list of my 5 favorite obstacle races out there, along with some of the obstacles and challenges that you will encounter on the race course.

The 5 Best Obstacle Races In The World


1. The Warrior Dash

The Warrior Dash is the perfect stepping stone to new comers to the scenery of obstacle racing.

Organized by Red Frog Events, an event company out of Chicago, IL, and with its 50 races on four continents, the Warrior Dash is the world’s largest and most challenging running series.

What to Expect

On the course of this race, you will need to trudge your way through 3 to 4 miles of muddy and grimy terrain while going through and over 12 gut-busting obstacles that include cargo nets, running over barricades, a mud pit with barbed wire, Muddy Mayhem, fire pits, and other intense obstacles that will push you to the breaking point.

And by the end of the race, you will be, literally , covered and submerged in mud from head to toe.

But Don’t fret yet. On the Warrior Dash course, you still can skip over any apparently impossible obstacle with no penalty attached, and you will still receive a finisher’s medal at the end of the race.

2. Tough Mudder

From the largest in the world, to “world’s toughest race”.

Tough Mudder is a 10 to 12 miles obstacle course that’s so grueling it might have you praying on your knees for it to end only halfway through. The events take place on five continents and attract thousands of athletes from all around the world.

What to Expect

On the Tough Mudder course, you will have go through and over about 25 gut-busting military-inspired obstacles designed by British Special Forces.

Some of the obstacles you will find along the course include the Funkey Monkey—sslick bars with mud and butter that cross a sub-zero pit muddy water, The Arctic Enema—a plunge into a frosty dumpster filled with icy water, Electroshock Therapy—a sprint through field of hanging live wires with more than 10,000 volts of electricity, and other challenging military-inspired obstacle.


3. Spartan Race

The Spartan Race is another big player that attracts a thousands of participants from all fitness and training backgrounds because it has a little something for every one.

So regardless of your fitness level, there is always an obstacle course distance that will fit your current fitness level.

Here are the main distances on the Spartan Race series:

  • A three-mile sprint with 15 obstacles
  • The Super Spartan, an 8-miler featuring 20 obstacles.
  • A 12-mile Spartan beast with 25 obstacles
  • And finally, the Death Race, an 48-hour endurance race held once a year.

What to Expect

On the Spartan Race course, expect a lot of muddy pits, rope climbs, dark tunnels, barbed wire and other gut wrenching obstacles.

However, you cannot cheat on this one. If you skip an obstacle, expect a penalty of 10 to 30 burpees before you can move on with the rest of the course.

4. Columbia Muddy Buddy Ride and Run Series

CBM is a bit different from the above event because it’s a partners-only event.

Columbia Muddy Buddy course is about 6 miles long and it’s broken down into 5 legs by obstacles along the way. During this race, participants trade running the 5k obstacle course and riding a mountain bike. And each team has to make it all the way to end of the seventh mile course.

In other words, you and your partner will keep switching the entire course between running and biking up to the finish line.

So it’s the ideal event to-do with your friend, spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend. Just pick em wisely and train in advance.

What to Expect

Obstacles on the course include a high wall, a 50-foot long mud pit, a cargo net, and balance beam, and conquering the infamous Mud Pit as a team before making it the finish line.

Good news is this event allows participants to skip an obstacle if it’s too much with no penalties imposed.

5. The Civilian Military Combine

This is the obstacle race with the most military influence,so if you are into military inspired challenges, then this race is for you.

The Civilian Military Combine, or CMC for short, is a military style competition per excellence. And it’s your perfect opportunity to join the ranks for a day and see what it’s like to be in the military.

What to Expect

On the race, expect to blast through the six mile obstacle course race which includes about 20 intense and crazy obstacles.

But, before tackling the obstacle course, you must make it through the PIT, which is a high intensity AMARAP (as many repetitions as possible)challenge in which you will be judged on the number of reps you can pull off in four timed lifting events, that consist of kettlebell swings, box jump burpees and push presses.

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That’s it for today.

Hopefully you liked some of the above obstacle races and you are planning to race as well.

In the meantime, thank you for reading my post.

Feel free to leave your comments and questions below.

David D

Featured Image Credit – Benjamin Lehman via Flickr

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