Cross Training For Runners

Cross training workouts and exercises for runners. This is what you need to do off-road to improve your running performance and protect yourself against injry

runner doing yoga

Yoga For Runners – The 27 Best Yoga Poses To Try

Are you looking for the best yoga for runners poses to help you with performance and injury prevention? Then you have come to the right place. but first things first, let me ask you a...
Squat Variations exercise

The 11 Squat Variations Every Runner Should Do

Squat, squat, squat, squat, squat…. If I could pick one strength exercise to recommend to all runners (from all training backgrounds and levels), then it would be the squat. As a runner, squats (along with planks)...
foam rolling for runners

Foam Rolling Exercises For Runners

Just a couple of years ago I had no idea what foam rolling is, but after I made the discovery by doing a P90X program—Tony Horton Rocks!—my whole approach to stretching, mobility and recovery work has changed. Foam rolling is a self-massaging technique that can help you loosen up tender and stiff muscles and keeps the fascia—which is the connective tissue surrounding every muscle in your body—happy and loose. This may sound complicated and intimidating. But fret no more. By the end of this post, you will learn all you need to learn about the proper foam-rolling techniques and exercises that will help you reach common tight spots in your body as well as offer you effective strategies to help you roll your way to relief.
yin yoga for runners

6 Yin Yoga Poses Every Runner Should Do

I have written plenty of times in the past on the benefits and practice of yoga for runners.  Core yoga, strength yoga, flexibility yoga, restorative yoga are all beneficial when you pound the pavement...
Core Challenge exercises

The 30-Day Core Challenge

Truth be told, it doesn’t matter whether you are a recreational runner, seasoned athlete, or someone who spends most of their time sitting in an office chair, a strong core is vital for both health and performance. Your core muscles are the foundation for almost all athletic and non-athletic movements. And when the core muscles are in trouble—read: too weak—expect all sorts of troubles, including chronic pain, bad posture, back issues, even spinal injury, God forbid. Therefore, once you get your core strong and powerful, you’ll be adding more support to your body so you can run and perform every athletic activity (and every other life task) much more efficiently and with more ease.
Glute Exercise

6 Bodyweight Glute Exercises For Runners

The glutes are the source of power when it comes to running or any other athletic endeavor. When you run, your glutes muscles keep your pelvis steady and level, and also keep your torso, pelvis and legs aligned. Therefore, these muscles should the focus of every runner’s oriented strength workout program. But truth be told. The glutes are usually ignored. And most runners end up paying a hefty price when they don’t give the glutes the attention and care they require. Don’t be one of them. Speaking from my personal experience, glute training was never my thing. And I still have glute weakness issues that I’m dealing with. We have our weaknesses. Nobody is perfect. But one can always get on the endless path for perfection.
Picture of 100 pounds

8 Simple Steps To lose a 100 Pounds (or more)

If your goal is to lose 100 pounds or more, it usually means that your weight is high enough to put you into the obese or morbidly obese category. When it’s the case, you’re at...
woman training for race pace

How To Practice Race Pace

So you’ve spent the last several months training for your next (or first) race, and finally, the big day is here. The fact is, you can do everything right, leading up to the big day...
women want to Lose 10 Pounds

33 Science-Backed Ways to Lose 10 Pounds

Looking to lose 10 pounds within the fastest time possible? Then you are in the right place. When it comes to losing weight and keep it off for good, there is nothing more to it than...
picture of Cool Down

How to Cool Down Properly After a Run

If you are a runner looking for the best method to cool down after your runs, then you are in the right place. The cool-down is the last portion of your workout, and it’s key...