Cross Training For Runners

Cross training workouts and exercises for runners. This is what you need to do off-road to improve your running performance and protect yourself against injry

female runner doing Isometric Exercises

Top 6 Isometric Exercises For Runners

Today, I’m going to share with you one of the most challenging workout routines you can ever do as a runner. And what’s the best part about it? Well, you don’t need any equipments. You don’t need...
tough runner training through pain

6 Tips to Push Past the Pain When Running

Your left knee in pain, your shoes are too tight, your throat is dry, still three more miles to go? Oh God. Let’s face it. Running is hard business. Whether boredom is your pet peeve, or you’re...
picture of bad running

5 Bad Running Habits And How To Fix Them

Run for a few months, and you’re bound to pick up a few bad habits. I’m talking from personal experience. For the longest time, I’d developed a few unhealthy running habits that I wasn’t even aware...
picture of Obstacle Course Race

The Ultimate Obstacle Course Race Training Guide

Looking to start training for an obstacle race course, but are unsure how to begin? Then, buddy, you have come to the right place. Today I’m going to share with you the guidelines you need for an amazing obstacle race course adventure. Note: This guide is relatively long, but it’s worth your time. Hence, please give it a try and don’t give up on it. So are you ready? Then here we go…
runner wearing Cold Weather Running Gear

Your Ankle Pain Running Guide

Running boasts many health benefits, but also comes with a downside: it can be extremely hard on your lower extremities, and your ankles are no exception. Why? The ankles assume a big responsibility. The joint carries around...
When To Run Through Pain

When To Run Through Pain & When To Stop?

Whether you just took up running or a serious athlete, log enough miles, and you’ll experience aches and pains in your muscles, joints, bones, and connective tissue. In some cases, you might able to keep...
sick runner

Running While Sick – Should you Run with a Cold?

Whether you’re a few runs away from reaching your ideal body weight or are in the thick of training for your 12th marathon, any little setback can put a real dent in your progress,...
Fat Burning Running

6 Fat Burning Running Workouts

The Two Keys To Weight Loss Running Get this: To lose weight effectively with running, you (1) need to follow a sound and healthy diet (not the subject of this post) and (2) follow a running routine that’s specifically tailored to help you burn the maximum amount of calories in the shortest time possible (the subject of this post). Therefore, if you are looking to burn off some serious calories on your next run, here are the run workouts you should do.
female doing ndoor Circuit Workout

30-Minute Indoor Circuit Workout for Runners

30-Minute Indoor Circuit Workout for Runners If you are currently stuck inside, due to the weather, a baby, safety concerns, monetary reasons, you name it, the circuit I’m sharing with you today is the perfect solution. In fact, this indoor workout routine is ideal for the cold winter month and perfect if time crunched fitness nuts. Most of the exercises below require minimum equipment and can be done almost anywhere, as long as you have enough space. These exercises will boost your heart rate, sculpt your body and get you out of running rut and help you smash through a training plateau. For more challenge, use heavier dumbbells, medicine balls and push as hard as you can, or shoot for more rounds.
man Emotional Eating

How to Stop Emotional Eating

Do you find yourself racing to the kitchen or convenience store whenever you’re feeling stressed or down? If this resonates with you, know you are not alone. Emotional eating is a far common coping mechanism than...