5 Drills for the Perfect Speed and Conditioning Routine

Athlete running on an all-weather running track alone. Runner sprinting on a blue rubberized running track starting off using a starting block.

If you’re looking to improve speed, endurance, or both, adding speed and conditioning drills into the workout routine is the way to go.

Speed drills can increase strength, balance, power, and coordination, turning you into a force to be reckoned with.

Plus, these drills will also help you torch the fat like nothing else.

Workout Instructions

The speed and conditioning drills should be a part of an interval training program and should be done at least twice a week. Aim for at least two recovery days between each session, depending on your goals and fitness level, of course.

1 – High Knees

Ideal for increasing strength and endurance in the core and leg muscles, which is what’s going to help achieve and keep top speed.

What’s more?

High knees engage hip flexors to drive the knees up, thus strengthening the push-off.

Begin by standing tall, feet shoulder-width apart and elbows bent at 90 degrees angle. Next, run as fast as possible in place by bringing the knees to the same height as the hips.

2 – Grapevines

Grapevines will help you develop balance, coordination, and lateral speed-. They are also great for increasing leg and gluteal mobility as well as loosening hip flexors.

While facing forward, start moving laterally to the right by crossing one leg over the other in front and then behind. Continue this sequence for a set distance, then repeat in the opposite direction leading with the left leg.

3 -Butt Kicks

This speed drill engages the hamstrings and increases leg turnover cadence. It also requires full-body coordination and lots of core control.

It’s simple.

Run in place with thighs more or less locked in a neutral position. Focus on bringing the heel straight back to the butt with every stride. Make sure you’re looking straight ahead with a tall and upright posture.

4 – Lateral Single-leg Hop

Strengthens the tendons and muscles.

Start on the right side facing the end of an agility ladder.

Next, stand on the right leg, jump sideways and over the line into each box while staying on the right leg until they reach the end of the ladder.

Last up, change sides then go back down the ladder to the starting position.

5 – Bounding

This drill boosts foot, calf, and hamstring muscle power and builds up single-leg stance stability.

Start with an easy jog, then gradually increase stride length with each step.

Next, alternate thrusting into the air off one leg, by focusing on a powerful leap and quick cadence.