121 Fat Loss Tips To Try

Fat Loss Tips

Losing the extra pounds and keeping them off for good is no easy feat, but a little pro advice can a long way.

Here is the long list of 121 fat loss tips that you’ll wish you read sooner.


1. Eat More Vegetables

Think lettuce, cauliflower, cabbage, Swiss chard, broccoli, etc. These are all good for you.

2. Add Apple Cider Vinegar To Your Diet

Doing so can help you lose belly fat, according to a study published in the Bioscience, Biotechnology and Biochemistry Journal.

3. Eat Protein At Every Meal

It’ll keep you full for longer while improving and preserving muscle mass. Said otherwise, protein helps you lose fat without losing muscle. That’s good thing if you ask me.

4. Set A Kitchen Curfew For 12 Hours

For instance, any food from 8 pm to 8 am is off limits—unless it’s a low-calorie healthy snack.

5. Embrace The Fats

Mainly the healthy ones, such as MUFAs. Avocadoes, almonds, and olive oil are the best sources.

6. Eat Probiotic Foods

These improve digestion, aid the immune system, removes harmful toxins, ensuring a healthy gut in the process.

7. Prepare Your Meals In Advance

That way you’ll have more control over the used ingredients instead of being a victim of cravings.

8. Bake, Don’t Fry

Since baking requires little to no added oils, doing so can be conducive to healthy eating.

9. Have Most Of Your Calories In The Morning

Then consume progressively less calories throughout the day, according to research published in the Journal of Nutrition.

10. Supplement With Fish Oil

Research reported in the Journal Lipids revealed that diets higher in omega-3’s fats reduce body fat.

Fat Loss Tips

11. Choose Tall And Thin Glasses

You’ll be more likely to pour less liquid when asking for a tall, thin glass, research shows.

12. Say No To Juice Fruits

Instead, eat the real fruit. This will keep you full much longer than that box of orange juice.

13. Drink Regular Coffee

Your typical Starbucks coffee is nothing but a sugar bomb. Instead, drink your coffee black and sugar-free. Fancy coffee will only make you fatty.

14. Shun Trans Fats

These man-made fatty acids are a major risk factor for heart diseases, insulin resistance, and weight gain.  To avoid at all times.

15. Eat In Front Of A Mirror

Subjects who had their meals in front of a mirror slashed their calorie intake by nearly one third, according to research.

16. Eat Healthy Before A Party

Instead of arriving ravenous at the venue, have a light snack to keep your cravings at bay.

17. Avoid Faddy Diets

These do not work. Instead, eat plenty of whole and natural foods, then skip the processed stuff. The rest is just detail.

18. Kick The Salt Habit

Research suggests that excessive sodium intake might be a significant contributor to weight gain.

19. Do Not Underestimate Calorie Consumed

Daily caloric needs should be based on your age, gender, and physical activity level. Not on cravings.

20. Never Get Too Hungry

This will only set you up for overeating comes next meal. Instead, snack smart between main meals.

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21. Try The Ketogenic Diet

This high-fat, moderate-protein, and low-carb eating plan will put your body into ketosis—a metabolic state in which fatty acids are the main source of fuel instead of stored glycogen.

22. Cook At Home

You’re more likely to consume more calories when eating out, research shows

23. Snack Smart

The right snacks help prevent making bad food choices between and during your main meals. Think nuts, seeds, hardboiled eggs, etc.

24. Drink Green Tea

It increases metabolism and reduces appetite, research shows. Aim for two to three cups a day.

25. Fill Up On Healthy Foods

Stock up your kitchen cupboards with healthy items, such as fruits, unsweetened popcorn, nuts, etc.

26. Stop Drinking Soda

Liquid calories are the ultimate villain. Drink water, black coffee, or green tea instead.

27. Reduce Alcohol Intake

Excessive drinking is a significant risk for weight gain, research shows.

28. Drink More Water

Doing so not only keeps you well hydrated, but also tames appetite and increases metabolism.

Fat Loss Tips

29. Get Rid Of Junk Food

Declare your house a junk food free zone area. Said otherwise, practice out of sight, out of mind. This will set your environment up for total weight loss success.

30. Read The Labels

This will give you a better idea of the number of calories you’re consuming. Knowledge is power.

31. Change Your Plate Color

You can cut serving size by 20 percent by opting for contrasting plate color instead of colors that blend in with the meal’s color, research revealed.

32. Turn Off The TV

Eating in front of the TV makes you consume more than 300 extra calories, according to the University of Massachusetts.

33. Stick To A Healthy Meal

Experiment with different recipes, and once you find a meal that’s both satisfying and healthy, stick to it. Rinse and repeat.

34. Use Smaller Plates

By switching from a 12-inch to a 10-inch dish, you can reduce food intake by up to 20 percent, research shows.

35. Say No To The Bread Basket

Weight gain and the consumption of white bread goes hand in hand, according to research.

36. Chew Your Food

Instead of slugging your food down, take your time to chew it as doing so helps you feel full faster, research shows.

37. Put Your Fork Down Between Every Bite

Another fantastic trick to get you to slow down your eating speed.

38. Mind Your Portion Size

Subjects who practice portion control for two years shed five percent more weight than those who didn’t, research found.

39. Eat Light At Night

This will not only prevent weight gain, but also promote better sleep, essential for optimum health.

40. Watch The Salad Dressing

The goodies on top of a “healthy salad” may make them more calorie-laden than a pizza or bagel. Be careful.

41. Fill Half Of Your Plate With Veggies

That way you ensure ample consumption. Then fill the rest with quality lean proteins, healthy fats, and some complex carbs.

42. Spice It Up

Capsaicin, the active ingredient in some spicy foods, helps tame appetite and increases metabolism, research shows.

43. Cook With Coconut Oil

A fantastic source of medium chain saturated fats that plays key role in keeping a healthy body weight.

44. Eat More Slowly

It takes at least 20 minutes for the brain to receive the “fullness signal” from the stomach. Don’t rush it.

45. Have A Healthy Breakfast

Doing so keeps you satisfied in the morning and helps you make the right food choices throughout the day, according to research.

46. Eat Eggs For Breakfast

These are the best sources of quality proteins and healthy fats, and will definitely keep those morning cravings away.

47. Photograph Your Food

Not only will it help you keep tabs on your food intake, but also encourages you to eat healthier. The proof is in the picture.

48. Try Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is popular because it actually works. One approach I recommend is the 16/8 method.

49. Consume Water-Rich Foods

These can help cut overall calorie intake. Best examples include tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, celery, etc.

50. Keep A Food Journal

You’re more likely to lose about twice as many pounds if you do so, research shows.

51. Sit Down To Eat

Doing so can help you eat at a slower pace, and the slower you eat, the fewer calories you ingest.

52. Plan Your Food Intake

Planning to fail is failing to plan, as the saying goes.

53. Eat More Fiber

Especially soluble fiber as it helps tame hunger and improve digestion, leading to drastic weight loss.

54. Cut The Bad Carbs

Removed refined carbs from your diet—including whited bread, cookies, candy, muffins, sugary cereals, etc.

55. Eat Low GI Foods

These can help regulate your blood sugar levels, controlling cravings and appetite in the process.

56. Never Shop Hungry

You’re more likely to buy junk food when you’re ravenous, according to the Cornel University.

57. Make A Healthy Grocery List

Doing so ensure you’re using healthy ingredients while decreasing impulse purchases.

58. Start With Soup

According to research from Penn State University, subjects who opted for a low-calorie soup before a meal consumed 20 percent fewer calories at the meal.

59. Don’t Eat With A Large Group

Doing so increases the odds of overeating, according to a study published in the Journal of Physiological Behavior.

60. Brush Your Teeth After Dinner

This will signal your brain that eating time is over which can keep you from mindlessly snacking late night.

61. Create A Calorie Deficit

Weight loss is, after all, a numbers game—you just need to consume fewer calories than you’re burning. That’s it.

62. Start Training Slow

When taking up a new exercise routine, slow and steady is the way to go—that if you want to stay pain-free and consistent for the long haul.

63. Get Running

The most convenient of all sports not only sheds mad calories, but will also put you in the best physical and mental shape of your life.

64. Lift Weights

Resistance training burns lots of calories, increases muscles mass and boost metabolic rate like nothing else.

65. Go Swimming

This low impact sport will push your cardiovascular limits without putting a lot of pressure on your body.

66. Practice Yoga

Research revealed that regular overweight yoga practitioner shed more pounds than those who didn’t take the time to practice.

67. Shoot For 10,000+ Steps Per Day

The more time you spend on your feet, the higher the calorie burn.

68. HIIT It Hard

Standing for high-intensity interval training, this is the best training method for melting body fat and increasing fitness level in the shortest time-frame possible.

69. Sprint It Out

Take your runs to the next level by embracing track training. Here is the guide you need.

70. Challenge Yourself

If it does not challenge you, it does not change you, as the saying goes.

71. Attack The Hills

Think of hill training as resistance exercise for the lower body. It also pushes cardiovascular power like nothing else.

72. Rope Training

Battling the ropes can burn up to 11 calories per minute, according to the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

73. Use The Kettlebells

Kettlebell training sheds as many calories as a six-minute mile—which is roughly 400 to 500 calories for a 30-minute workout.

74. No Crunches

Instead, do planks, or full body exercises, such as squats, deadlifts, floor wipers, etc., to get a shredded midsection.

75. Try Tabata Training

A form of HIIT, alternating between 20 seconds of intense effort and 10 seconds of recovery burns mad calories, and improves aerobic and anaerobic threshold, research shows.

76. Try An Outdoor Activity

Think biking, skating, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, rowing, etc.

77. Join A Fitness Class

This is a fantastic way to meet active and like-minded people, increase training intensity, and keep yourself accountable for your actions (and results).

78. Start A Workout Journal

In the diary keep track of your workout routines, weights used, weekly miles, and other performance stats.

79. Schedule Your Workouts

Treat your sessions with the same urgency and priority as you do an important work meeting or family event.

80. Get Into Crossfit

This is the ideal workout program for trainees who are already in a good shape and are looking to take things up a level.

81. Exercise First Thing In The Morning

Research shows that you’re more likely to keep workout routine consistent for the long haul.

82. Train With A Buddy

Research out of the University of Pennsylvania revealed that training with a partner speeds up weight loss results.

83. Hire A Personal Trainer

They’ll help you build proper form, devise a smart workout plan, and hold you accountable—keys for getting the most out of gym time.

84. Mix Cardio And Strength Training

Research shows that doing so yields greater calorie burn.

85. Exercise During Commercial Breaks

Think push-ups, squats, sit-ups, or butt kicks.

86. Perform A Cardio Exercise After Strength Training

Examples of metabolic finishers include 50 kettlebell swings, ten 100m sprints, or 10-minute of jump rope.

87. Run Or Bike To And/Or From Work

Doing so will not only help you shed weight, but it’s also good for the environment.

88. Embrace The Stairs

Instead of taking the elevators or escalator, burn more calories throughout your day by taking the stairs.

89. Dodge Injury

By approaching your exercise plan with a beginner’s mind. Next, build it up slowly and listen to your body for any red flags.

90. Exercise On An Empty Stomach

This may help your body use up fat as its primary source of energy instead of glycogen.

91. Build The Exercise Habit

By sticking to a regular exercise routine for at least six to eight weeks. Shoot for five sessions per week. Go for long walks on rest days.

92. Banish Excuses

Just put on your headphone and get work. And don’t forget to invest in a proper warm-up.

93. Do What You Love

When you’re having fun doing a given exercise, you’ll be more likely to want to engage in it again.

94. Recover Well

Skimping on proper recovery will only leave you sore, injured, or worse, burned out. And you don’t want that.

95. Watch Your Weekends

This is a time in which many weight conscious people may fall out of the diet wagon. Be wary.

96. Reduce Stress

Being stressed out all the time increases the release of the hormone cortisol—key suspect in weight gain and other metabolic troubles.

97. Breathe Away Cravings

Deep breathing regulates your mood, decreases stress, and may help you fend off emotional eating.

98. Banish Emotional Eating

Assess your relationship with food and learn how to tell the difference between real hunger and “emotional hunger.”

99. Assess Your Hormones Levels

This will provide you with a better picture of the type of diet and lifestyle changes you should make to speed up your fat loss results.

100. Embrace The Cold

Research published in the journal Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism found that doing so can boost your calorie burn by up to 30 percent.

101. Laugh Often

Laughing for 10 to 15 minutes each day can help you burn up to 10 to 40 extra calories per day, according to a study presented at the European  Congress on Obesity.

102. Write Down Your Cravings

This can help you shed more light on the darker aspects of your eating triggers and patterns. Journaling also helps relieve stress.

103. Find Your Big WHY

Figuring that out will make you almost unstoppable. So, dig deep into your why you want to lose weight and keep that on mind your mind the entire time.

104. Set SMART Weight Loss Goals

Standing for smart, measurable, achievable, result-focused, and time-bound goals. An example is one pound per week.

105. Go Public With Your Goals

You’ll be more likely to stick to your new healthy lifestyle plan, research shows.

106. Visualize Your Weight Loss Goals

What the mind can perceive it can surely achieve. Not only that, but visualization can also improve your performance, science says.

107. Enlist Your Family Support

Ask your social circle to keep motivated, and hold you accountable for your action.

108. Use Online Support Networks

Subjects who had weight loss support group shed more weight than those who didn’t, according to research out of Britain’s Medical Research Council.

109. Step on the Scale Once a Week

By making it sure to do it the same time and under the same conditions.

110. Take After And Before Pictures

The scale lies sometimes, but pictures don’t. These can also be a huge wake-up call.

111. Measure Your Body Circumferences

By taking monthly measurements of your hips, waist, chest, thighs, and upper arms.

112. Reward Yourself

This will help further reinforce your new healthy lifestyle choices and improve your motivation to keep doing the hard work.

113. Take Responsibility

You’re in charge of your life. You’re nothing but the sum of your decisions up to this moment. Hence, you’re also responsible for shaping your life in whatever way you see fit—for better and for worse.

114. Sleep Enough

Sleep deprivation can set you up for mood swings, overeating, and a host of health issues that can take a toll on your waistline and health levels.

115. Try Meditation

Those who meditate regularly are less likely to cave into unhealthy binging or emotional eating, researchers suggest.

116. Change One Habit At A Time

Changing habits is hard work, and trying to pull off an overnight makeover is impossible. Instead, focus on one habit at a time. Eventually, it adds up.

117. Don’t Freak Out When You Hit A Plateau

Losing body fat is not a linear process. Expect ups and down. Never lose sight of the big picture.

118. Practice Kaizen

This is all about striving for small and continuous improvements. Over time, this adds up.

119. Be Patient

Becoming a healthy person—body, mind, and soul—does not happen overnight. Instead, it takes the rest of your life.

120. Don’t Be A Perfectionist

Instead, practice the 90/10 rule. How? 90 percent of your eating should revolve around healthy eating, while the remaining 10 can be devoted to cheat meals.

121. Be Consistent

Research out of the Drexel University revealed that steady and slow is the way to go when it comes to shedding off the pounds and keeping them off for good.

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Here you have it!

The above 121 fat loss tips are all you need to get on the weight loss path and reach your fitness and health goals as soon as possible.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started NOW!


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