Long Distance Running: Where to Start

**This is a guest post by my friend Sam Coleman**

Running is an excellent experience that helps people be fit, feel much better, and set new connections.

However, similar to any other habit, building a running habit is challenging, especially if you aim for long distances.

You need to be goal-oriented, determined, and patient in order to achieve the desired results.

Do not forget about a certain sum of money you will have to spend on quality equipment, which is inevitable for a comfortable experience.

Are you ready to get started?

Check out the most important tips and guidelines that will help you become a long-distance runner.

  • Set a reasonable goal. No matter if you want to run a half marathon or a marathon, you need to remember that it may take much time and effort to achieve the final goal. Therefore, it is crucial to start with the smaller, short-term goals on the way towards the final success. Start with short runs in the morning or evening. Use your speedy paper promo code to make sure you have no other tasks to be done. Relax and start moving towards your dream.
  • Buy a comfortable form. It is one of the most important points that may help you achieve the desired success and eliminate possible risks. Contact your doctor to make sure you have no contraindications for long-distance running. If you are healthy enough to start, head to the local store to get a pair of comfortable running form. Make sure your body will breathe during the daily activity.
  • Start with the warm-up. A proper warm-up is the best way to prevent muscle tightness, stitches, and other disorders as you run. Start with a slow jog or brisk walk to enhance the temperature of your body and get it ready for vigorous activity. Once your muscles are ready, start the race.
  • Go slow. If you have never been interested in running, you should start slowly. Keep in mind that you will not be able to cover marathon distance right after the second training. However, regular exercise and determination may help you approach your goal. Add several miles every week, so your body gets used to a longer distance. Do not rush, but rather take your time to help the body get adjusted to a new experience.
  • Rotate running and walking. It may be exceptionally complicated to run all the time, especially if you have never experienced running before. Therefore, you should start rotating, running, and walking. However, it is not a reason to relax and consider walking as a rest. Keep the pace and take maximum advantage of the interval workout. It will help you enhance aerobic capacity, advance speed, and increase endurance.
  • Find like-minded people. Motivation is the key. Find people who share your passion for running. Start training together in order to encourage and inspire one another. Additionally, extra support will help you achieve your goal faster. It is much more interesting and easy to cover long distances in a company of friends or acquaintances.
  • Choose the outside running. Treadmill running may be ultimately boring. Do not start with the inside running experience, as it can prevent you from possible success. Instead, focus on the outside running. Choose different locations and impressive routes that will keep you excited about every single running experience.
  • Opt for the individual pacing. Track your pace every single time you run. The most common reason why people give up running is a quick start. Do not run too fast, as you will get tired immediately. Instead, find a conversational pace you feel comfortable at.
  • Fight laziness. The most significant battle you have to fight is in your head. Beginner runners may lack the motivation to continue training right after the first running session. Therefore, take your time to make a strong decision, even before you start thinking about running long distances. Browse the web to find the answer to the most common questions college students ask, “Who can do my assignments online?” Now you have no other excuses, so take your trainers on and enjoy the run.
  • Change your route often. It may be boring to run the same path every single day. Learn the neighborhood and find other directions you can choose for your running sessions. New routes will distract you from negative thoughts, doubts, and boredom. Join running communities and find people around you, as it will be much more interesting to discover new tracks together.
  • Add some strength training. Running is excellent cardio training. However, it may not be enough for proper body functioning. Do not forget to include strength workouts in your weekly plan, as it is the best way to relax and relieve running-related stress. There is no need to spend hours at the gym, as 30-40 minutes a week will strengthen your core and prolong muscle endurance.