35 Signs that You’re Totally In Love With Running

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I don’t know about you, but there is something about running that made me fall head over heels in love with the sport.

Maybe it’s the runner’s high.

Maybe it’s the health benefits.

Maybe the it’s post-run happy and euphoric feelings after completing a challenging run.

For me, I think it’s a mix of all the above then some more.

Truth be told, you can safely assume that I’m obsessed with the sport, well more than the average Joe anyway.

Therefore, today I decided to share with you 36 of the best signs that you are totally in love with running.

Just read the signs and see how many you can relate to. And please if you have more, feel free to share with them with me in the comment section. Who knows, maybe I’ll add them to the list, giving you full credit as well.


So please read on to find out if your love for running exceeds the norm.

1. Running saves the day. The simple act of missing a run (or a workout in general) makes you feel miserable and puts you in a bad mood for the rest of the day (or for days to come).

2. Running is on your mind all the time. In fact, you are obsessed with it, and you think about it all the time, planning every run and looking up running facts and tidbits from everywhere, turning you into some sort of a running nerd (nothing bad about that, just saying).

3. Running, for you, is perfect. And you tend to focus only on the positive qualities and benefits of running while overlooking what might go wrong. So no wonder that you are more likely to run through injury and never bat an eye for overtraining.


4. Losing the ability to run scares the sh*t out of you. Just like the prospect of losing your soul mate, even thinking about the possibility of not being able to run anymore (due to an accident God forbid) sends you into a frenzy and makes you feel super grateful for the gift of running. And you are like, please God, take everything but don’t take my running legs.

5. You’re Jealous of Other Runners. Even if you just had a long run in the morning, seeing a runner out in the park makes your heart pound harder as feelings of jealousy rush all over you. You also tend to feel threatened, and you imagine that the other runner is beating you in every possible scenario. It’s not logical, but that’s how jealousy rolls.

6. Running shoes are your favorite shoes. And you tend to wear them all the time because you just love how they fit. In fact, you have more running shoes than casual shoes. Not only that, but you you are pretty familiar with shoes brands other than New Balance, Nike, and Adidas.

7. Race pictures are the best. Regular people get excited when they get promoted, have children, become rich, you know. And you get super excited when your race pictures get posted online.

8. You plan your vacations around your running. Your running program is the first thing you plan when you are about to go on vacation. Therefore, when you travel, you always bring your running gear with you, and the first thing you ask about when you check into a hotel is advice on the best running routes.

9. You always rely on your runs. And they are always there for you when you need a hand to push you or help you out of a bad quandary. Running is always there when you need a shoulder to cry on. For better and worse. Through thick and thin. You know deep down that running will always be there to lift you up, at sunrise, at sunset, and everything in between.

10. Injuries are your worst enemy. In your world, not being able to run is the worst thing that could ever happen to you. Therefore, in case of an injury, you keep talking about it to everyone, and those around you will never hear the end of it until you are finally back on track.

11. You run through injury. You welcome pain and run in its direction, literally. So even if you are faced with the ramifications of running with an injury, you might find yourself going for a run anyway, and you are like “I will just take it easy and go for an easy 20-minute jog.”

We both know that’s not how it ends, for running addicts anyway.

12. You know the names of all running gurus, coaches, and bloggers. In fact, they are your heroes and the source of your inspiration—even if you don’t make a living out of running and are just doing it for the fun and fitness part.

13. Your workout playlist is a work of art. You have at least a dozen or more running playlists set on your Smartphone that you have actually taken the time and painstakingly picked the right songs with the right tempo. You have invested time and energy in playlist choices, and you are god damn proud of it.

14. There is no rest for the wicked after a race. After completing a race, whether it’s a 5K or a marathon, you come home and immediately check the internet for the next race. No rest for the wicked indeed.

15. Birthday gifts. You consider the best birthday gift to be running related. Therefore, your family and friends have stopped asking you what you want for your birthday or Christmas because they know you always want more running gear.

16. You plan your schedule around your runs. Running takes the priority when it comes to planning your daily schedule. As a result, the first thing you schedule into your daily calendar is your runs; work, meetings, and family events come second.

17. Running stores are your favorite place. Therefore, you get more excited when you are go shopping for your running attire than you do for work or casual clothes. In fact, your have more running clothes than do work clothes. That’s just how it goes for you.

18. Early morning runs come easy. But you still dread waking up early in the morning for work, study or any other sort of obligation that doesn’t involve running.

19. “But I have to go for a run.” That’s your go-to justification to excuse yourself from social obligations. Those who get it stay in your life, those who don’t, don’t linger that long.

20. Weekends are not for sleep binges. Instead, you spend most of the week looking forward to the weekend so you can finally go for that nice three-hour long run. You are a weekend warrior, and pride yourself on that fact.

21. You befriend runners. You are, after all, the company you keep. So you’d rather have as many runners in your social circle as possible. And truth be told, some of these runners are in your life for good.

22. You believe running is the best therapy. In fact, you might also preach that most problems in the world can be solved by running—even when it’s not possible.

23. Even 10 minutes of running is worth it. Although your daily life schedule might be hectic and your attention is getting pulled in every direction, you will still manage to go for a run—even for 10 minutes.


24. You no longer worry about the weather. And you are able to run under all sorts of weather: cold, lightning, storms, extreme heat,  snow, sleet, etc.,  therefore, you have stopped dreading about adverse weather conditions a long time ago because, deep down, you realize that there is no such thing as perfect weather.

25. You speak in miles and PRs. You’ve spent so much time learning about running so that knowledge and technical jargon is second nature to you.

In fact, you are so fluent in the running jargon that most of your non-running friends have to stop you mid-conversation just so you can explain to them what you meant. And you hate it when they are doing it. And you are like, “that’s common knowledge, folks!”

26. Running is the only thing that fills the void in your heart. Regular people look into religion, start meditating, rely on logic, etc., to fill that void, but that’s not you. You rely only on running to keep that hole filled. It’s everything for you.


27. “No, I’m not an addict, go away.” That’s your snappy answer to anyone who accuses, or just implies that you might be running too much. And you can get super offended and vulgar if they keep on pushing the envelope.

28. You talk about running incessantly. You don’t mind being called a runhole, in fact, you think it’s a compliment. Running is all you can talk about to your family and friends. Therefore, you keep chatting yourself away about the best races, the hilliest routes and the latest trends in running shoe fashion and running technology.

29. Runs > people. Even if you don’t outright admit it, you tend to prefer to spend as much time possible running than being with other people. Of course, you don’t hate people, but running is your preferred “social activity.”

31. Social media “runner”. You are constantly sharing your favorite running quotes, runfies and other inspirational pictures and posts on social media and have either a blog or a Pinterest board dedicated to these inspirational messages.

32. Running is sacred. As a result, you get super defensive when you hear other people diss running and are negative about it. In fact, just hearing about someone not being appreciative to the sport of running or reading an article that criticizes running, is enough to spark a fit of wrath in you.

33. Running is your best therapy. So whenever you feel worried, angry, broken-hearted, or any type of negative state, hitting the pavement is the best way you know of when it comes to deal with these frustrations.

34. You are a runfie addict. Therefore, most of your Facebook and Instagram feed is filled with runfies, not selfies. These awesome selfies you typically take before, during or after a run or race is your favorite type of pictures. And you don’t care if you are photogenic or not.

35. You hope you can keep on running forever. And pray (even if you don’t believe in a higher power) that you’ll keep on running until the last day of your life. Maybe drop dead at the age of 95 while running on the beach. That will be the pinnacle of your happiness.

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