The Four Best Yoga Postures To Do Post-Workout

Yoga is one of the best tools you can add to your training arsenal to reduce post-workout pains and aches and get your body ready for the next session—whether it’s running, biking, weight lifting, you name it.

A regular yoga practice can help you prevent injuries, fix muscle imbalances, speed up recovery, and bring relief to tired muscles, while also increasing flexibility and mobility. That’s a bunch of good things if you ask me.

Here are four yoga poses for post-workout muscle soreness. Make sure to perform the following routine immediately after your workout

—whether it’s a run, a biking workout, a strength session, you name it.

1. Standing Forward Bend

Begin in Mountain pose with the feet together, toes parallel, hands-on-hips.

Next, while bracing the core and allowing for a slight bend at the knees, reach your arms straight above, then fold over at the hips, and roll the spine down as you release into a standing forward bend. Place your fingertips on the knees, shins, or floor (if flexibility allows).

Make sure to lengthen the crown of the head toward the ground while keeping the legs straight as much as possible.

Hold the pose for one to two minutes, then slowly returns to the standing position.

2. Wide-legged Forward Bend Twist

While assuming a Mountain pose, widen your feet and place them two to three feet apart.

Next, hinge the torso forward and roll the spine downward, putting both hands on the floor or a yoga block, and letting the head and neck hang loose. Then, raise your left arm and reach it toward the ceiling, feeling the spine open and twist.

Breathe deep and be mindful of the spine throughout the pose.

Hold the pose for one minute, then slowly brings the hand down and switches sides.

3. Lunge With Side Stretch

Assume Mountain pose, then widens the stance with toes pointing 45 degrees outward.

Next, while being mindful of the spine and knees, lunge to the right side, bending the left knee to a 90-degree angle, extending the right leg, and placing the hands on the left knee or the floor for support.

Hold the stretch for one minute, then switches sides.

4. Star Pose

Begin by sitting down on the floor with the soles of the feet together, heels roughly 20 inches in front, and knees bent in a kite shape, forming a diamond shape with the legs.

Next, straighten your spine then slowly round the spine forward, bringing the forehead towards the heels.

Hold the pose for one to two minutes before slowly releasing.