The seven scariest workout injuries and how to avoid them

Nobody likes to get injured. Injuries suck and will only derail your fitness goals.

Here are seven of the most common (and dreadful) training injuries and how to prevent them and stay safe.

1. Runner’s Knee

A very common injury among runners, this nightmare occurs when the patella is forced (usually by weak quadriceps, bad form, and overtraining) to track out of alignment, resulting in irritation under the kneecap.

Prevent it

Develop proper running form—mainly running on the proper surface and avoiding heel strike— and work on strengthening your quads. Also, train within your fitness level.

2. Pectorial Injury

A very common injury among strength nuts. The injury is often caused when trying to lift a weight that’s heavier than normal, resulting in -a tear of one of the chest muscles or its tendons.

Prevent it

Warm-up and stretch out your pectorals before working out.  Only work with a weight you can control—you will know it’s too heavy when your form starts to break down— and use a spotter for intense sets.

3. Bicep Tendon Rupture

Attempting to curl a too-heavy weight or suddenly dropping the dumbbell can cause a tear in the bicep tendon, which is the tendon attaching your biceps muscle to bones in the shoulder and the elbow.

Prevent it

Use a weight that you can handle throughout with proper form. For heavy sets, call out for the help of a spotter.

4. Ankle Sprains

This injury happens when your ankle is twisted inward or outward, damaging the ligaments linking the three bones that form the joint.

Ankle sprains are common among runners as well as athletes who do sports that require lots of jumping or switching directions.

Prevent it

Work on improving your balance and coordination. Do this exercise.

Stand on one foot for one full minute, then shifting to the other side. Add a slight squat on each leg to make it more challenging.

If you run, make sure to do it on a smooth and proper surface.

5. Sternum Fracture

Being unable a lift a bar when bench pressing to the safety point can cause a sternum fracture, which is a break in the sternum bone situated at the front of the chest. This injury is one of the most dreadful and common gym nightmares.

Prevent it

Work on developing proper lifting techniques, load the bar with weights you know you can handle, and always use a spotter to help you through your heavy sets.

6. Hamstrings Stains

Hamstrings strains happen for two main reasons: improper form and strength imbalances. It’s also very rampant among runners.

As you boost your speed, you start extending your stride, thereby placing excessive pressure on the hamstring muscles.

Prevent it

Address any possible muscle imbalances in your lower body. Make sure also to use proper form—especially when running.

7. Joint Dislocation

Opting for too much weight and/or improper lifting form can cause a dislocated knee, hand, elbow, or shoulder.

If you put too much pressure on a ligament, you will be forcing the bone out of its regular position, leading to serious injury.

Prevent it

Be mindful of your joints and their range of motion. Work on developing mobility and aim to correct muscle imbalances.

Develop good form and only use weights you can handle without putting the joint under too much pressure.