The Treadmill Pyramid Workout

Feeling bored on the treadmill?

One thing you can do right now to help you get through your treadmill workout is to break up the secession into manageable chunks and pieces. There are many ways you can do this. One of the best ways, and often not that common, is the pyramid scheme.

One of the best ways to help you fight boredom and increase intensity on the treadmill is by varying training intensity at different points throughout the session.

Enter the pyramid treadmill workout routine

Pyramid workouts easy straightforward. You’re simply going up, and down a training pyramid by kicking off your hard interval at one-minute segment, going for to a longer running segment, and the working you’re back down one minute.

The routine is often referred to as ladder workout as it takes you up and down.

This routine shared below is a fantastic cardio routine to help you incorporate intervals into treadmill sessions. And it’s perfect for burning mad calories and increasing fitness levels like nothing else.

It should take you at least 50 minutes to complete the routine, nevertheless, feel free to adjust the workout duration and intensity according to your own needs and training goals. Nothing is written in stone.

What I like the most about pyramid treadmill workouts is that it requires me to pay so much attention to my interval times, which makes the time fly.

Spice up your treadmill session by playing with speed and incline as your session progresses forward.

The 50-minute workout routine

Here’s how to proceed.

Five minutes: The Warm-up

Start with a proper warm-up, jogging for 10 minutes at a speed of 4 to 5 mph with no incline.

Three minutes: 1st interval

Increase speed to 6.0 mph and keep it going for the next three minutes. Practice good form. Keep your torso straight, and body relaxed from head to toe.

Four minutes: 2nd interval

Increase speed to 7 mph and incline to three percent for four minutes.

Two minutes: Recovery

Slow down and recover for three minutes. Hydrate, breathe deeply, and release any built-up tension.

Four minutes: 3rd Interval

Increase the speed to 7 mph and incline to three percent for four minutes.

Five minutes: 4th Interval

Increase the speed to 8 mph and incline to five percent for five minutes.

Two Minutes: Recovery 

Slow down to 4 mph with two percent incline.

Five minutes: 5th Interval

Increase speed to 7 to 7.5 mph and incline to five percent and keep running strong for a full five minutes.

Four minutes: 6th Interval

Keep the same speed, but lower the incline to three percent for the upcoming four minutes.

Two minutes: Recovery

Slows down to 4 mph and recover.

Four minutes: 7th Interval 

Speed it up to 8 mph and raise the incline to three percent.

Three minutes: 8th Interval

Keep the same speed but raise the incline to five percent for the last interval of this pyramid workout.

Five minutes: The cool-down 

Jog slowly for ten minutes at a speed of 4 mph with no incline.