How to Make Your Weight Loss Journey Easy?

woman running

Thanks to the pandemic life, even the best of us have ended up with extra pounds of fats here and there while dozing off on our couches munching those pizzas all day long. It is that easy to get bulky but a lot tougher to get back in shape. However, if you have the determination and the right plan of action, there is nothing that can stop you from achieving your fitness goals. Here are some quick tips that will help you make your weight loss journey easy.

Set the Right Goals

It is true that weight loss journey can be very taxing mentally and emotionally. However, most people find it difficult only because they jump on the fitness bandwagon randomly without any plan. They just think one day to lose 20 kgs in a month and then give up when they cannot see the results. Unfortunately, this not how weight loss works and such unrealistic expectations will only give you disappointments. It is important that you set realistic goals. If your target weight is huge, break up your journey in smaller milestones and give them a realistic timeline. If you did not gain 20 kgs in a month, do not expect to shed it in a month’s time either.

Plan Your Journey

Once you have your targets and milestones laid out, make a plan about how would you like to approach the journey. Decide a routine that best fits your daily schedule. Decide when you will wake up, what time you will be working out, what kind of meals you can eat or not etc. This will help you plan your journey the right way without having to put any undue pressure on yourself.

By all means, steer clear of any unhealthy crash weight loss programs such as Keto or GM diets. These programs might temporarily show you great and quick results but can give you serious health issues in the long run and you might end up in a bigger mess.

Do Your Math

Fitness and weight loss is not just about losing X lbs. of weight in Y number of days by working out and cutting down food intake. There is a lot of number game involved to take it up the right way. Use your BMI and BMR and factor in your age, gender and other demographics to calculate your ideal weight and daily calorie requirements. Next, use this calculator to calculate what percentage of weight you need to shed to reach your ideal weight. Keep using this calculator throughout the journey to keep a check on how much you have already lost and what is more to achieve.

Use calorie counter apps such as My Fitness Pal to monitor how much calories you are taking and losing with your food and exercise on a daily basis. As long as you are maintaining your daily calorie intake while eating healthy, you are good to go.

Do Not Starve

Starving yourself is not going to make you lose weight. It will make you weak but not fit. The entire point behind weight loss is being physically fit and not ending up getting weak. Being on a fitness journey does not mean that you are allowed to deprive your body of all the important nutrients that it requires. You need a holistic meal plan that is healthy, helps maintain your daily calorie requirement and also fulfill your body’s nutrition requirements.

Start your day early with an early morning breakfast, which should be the heaviest meal of your day. Break your other meals in smaller meals at regular intervals. Your meals should be dominated by proteins, vitamins, fiber and good fats while carbs should be close to zero. Snack on green vegetables and salads and make sure your last meal is the lightest of them all. Avoid eating close to bed time and do not eat after 7 PM. Ditch all kinds of junk, fast food and sodas.

When you are following a meal plan, it is normal that you miss out on certain important nutrients. You can fulfill that gap by adding supplements such as multi vitamins, magnesium zinc and protein shakes. These supplements will help keeping you energetic all day.

If you have uncontrollable cravings, do not be too hard on your body. Allow yourself a cheat day once in a while to respect your cravings. It is better to have a spoon or two of that chocolate cake than resisting it for days only to gobble it all up at once one fine day.

Work Out

Exercise is essential for physical fitness. However, it is also important that you do it the right way. If you have no experience of working out on your own or using a gym, it is highly recommended that you consult a fitness coach. This is important because wrong workouts, and inappropriate postures can leave you with injuries. A coach will help you build your stamina gradually with milder exercises and will increase intensity step wise as per your body dynamics. Ideally, opt for a well-rounded fitness program that targets Strength, Cardio and Resistance at the same time.