How to Score Affordable Running Clothes and Save for the Extra Miles

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Let’s face it – getting your hands on affordable running gear can sometimes feel like solving a Rubik’s Cube blindfolded. But guess what? It doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, I’ve got some insider secrets to share with you.

If you’re tired of feeling overcharged and want to find top-notch running gear that won’t drain your bank account, you’re in the right place. So, buckle up those running shoes because we’re about to dive into a world of budget-friendly athletic goodness.

Ready to score amazing deals on running shoes, snag stylish apparel without breaking the bank, and even save on race registrations? Well, let’s get this frugal running party started!

Where to Find Cheap Running Clothes

So, you want to score some affordable running clothes without emptying your wallet?

Well, you’re in luck! Here are some fantastic places to get your hands on budget-friendly activewear:

Old Navy:

The Old Navy Active line has a great selection of workout shirts, shorts, tops, and pants that won’t break the bank. And here’s a little secret: They often have sales with discounts ranging from 30 to 40 percent off! Clothes here typically range from $5 to $30 per item.


If you’re looking for trendy yet budget-friendly activewear, H&M is your go-to. They offer stylish activewear items that work perfectly for your runs. Prices usually range from $10 to $50.


Macey’s: Macey’s isn’t just a grocery store; they also offer exercise clothing like shorts, shirts, sports bras, and socks at budget-friendly prices. But here’s the kicker—they carry reputable shoe brands like Nike, Asics, Adidas, and Skechers! Keep an eye on their regular sales and consider signing up for their newsletter to stay updated on promos and deals. Prices for clothing typically range from $5 to $30.


GAP Fit, the activewear line by GAP, is another fantastic option for affordable activewear. They offer a wide variety of stylish and comfortable styles and make it easy to shop by the type of workout and intensity level. Prices here usually range from $10 to $30 per item.


Zappos is a go-to destination for a wide range of activewear suitable for runners of all ages, genders, and sizes. What’s more, they offer an extensive selection of running shoes from well-known brands like Nike, Brooks, Asics, Hoka One One, and many others.

Zappos is known for providing free standard shipping on virtually all orders, and they don’t require a minimum purchase, making it a popular choice for online shoppers. When shopping here, you can expect prices to range from $10 to $30 per item.

Stick to Quality

Now, let’s talk about the importance of sticking to quality when buying your running gear.

When searching for the perfect workout attire, it’s tempting to go for something that looks amazing. However, durability is key. Nobody wants to spend their hard-earned money on a piece of clothing that falls apart after just a few runs. Quality gear should endure more than a single season.

Here are a few things to keep in mind to determine if your workout items are well-made:

  • Material: Opt for materials that are known for their durability, moisture-wicking properties, and comfort. Look for items with a good blend of synthetic and natural fibers.
  • Stitching: Check the stitching on seams. Reinforced stitching and flatlock seams are signs of quality construction.
  • Zippers and Fasteners: Ensure that zippers and fasteners are sturdy and functional.
  • Reviews: Read reviews and ratings from other shoppers to get an idea of a product’s quality and durability:

The Fabrics

Let’s dive deeper into what to look for when assessing the quality of running gear, focusing on fabrics and seams.

Here’s what to pay attention to.

  • Moisture-Wicking: Ensure that the fabric has moisture-wicking properties. This is crucial for keeping you dry and comfortable during your run. Natural wicking fabrics like bamboo and wool are great options, as are synthetics like Lycra and Polyester.
  • Specialized Fabrics: Look for specialized fabrics such as Coolmax and Supplex. These materials are designed to allow sweat to evaporate from your skin while preventing you from feeling overly sweaty and uncomfortable.
  • Check for Brittleness: Examine the fabric for any signs of brittleness, which can be a red flag for low-quality material. High-quality fabric should feel soft and durable.
  • Seam Quality: The stitching and seams of your running gear can reveal a lot about its quality:
  • Inspect the Seams: Carefully check the seams of the clothing. Well-stitched seams are one of the best indicators of high-quality construction.
  • The Pull Test: To assess seam strength, perform a “pull test.” Hold the fabric on both sides of a seam and gently pull. If you can see through the other side or notice any signs of fraying, it may indicate that the item was not sewn properly.

Stay Injury Free

Staying injury-free is not only crucial for your physical well-being but also for your financial health, as medical bills can quickly add up in case of an injury. Here are some tips to prevent injuries and their associated costs:

  • Listen to Your Body: Your body is like your personal coach. It knows when to push and when to rest. Pay attention to any pain, discomfort, or signs of overtraining. Rest when needed to avoid more severe injuries.
  • Progress Slowly: Avoid sudden increases in your training intensity or mileage. The 10 percent rule is a good guideline – never increase your weekly mileage by more than 10 percent from the previous week. Gradual progression allows your body to adapt and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Stretch and Foam Roll: Incorporate regular stretching and foam rolling into your routine. This helps improve flexibility, range of motion, and muscle suppleness, reducing the likelihood of muscle strains or injuries.
  • Cross-Train: Engage in cross-training activities, especially strength training and non-weight-bearing exercises. Research has shown that resistance training can help runners prevent injuries by strengthening muscles and improving overall fitness.
  • Proper Footwear: Invest in the right running shoes that suit your foot type and running style. Ill-fitting or worn-out shoes can contribute to injuries.
  • Warm-Up and Cool Down: Always warm up before your runs and cool down afterward. Proper warm-up and cool-down routines can prepare your muscles for exercise and aid in recovery.
  • Rest and Recovery: Adequate rest and recovery are essential for injury prevention. Ensure you get enough sleep and allow your body time to recover between intense workouts.
  • Nutrition: Maintain a balanced diet to support your overall health and muscle recovery. Proper nutrition can also help prevent injuries related to nutritional deficiencies.
  • Stay Hydrated: Dehydration can increase the risk of cramps and muscle injuries. Stay hydrated before, during, and after your runs.
  • Regular Check-Ups: Consider regular check-ups with a sports physician or physical therapist. They can identify potential issues and provide guidance on injury prevention.

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Cheap Running Gear – The Conclusion

There you have it! If you’re looking for cheap running gear, today’s measures and tips should help you get started on the right foot. The rest is just details.

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