Five Techniques to Enhance Your Running Performance

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David Dack

 Running is a fantastic way of cardiovascular activity that you can incorporate into your daily life. Some people prefer to do it early in the morning before going to work because it allows them to optimize their energy to its maximum during the day.

On the other side, some people prefer to do it after work since it is a way to relax and forget about issues they might have dealt with during the day. Whether you prefer to go running during the AM or the PM, is up to you.

However, there are a few techniques that both early birds and night owls can add to their running routine that can help them enhance their running performance to its maximum peak. It is through this article today that we’ll let you know about these beneficial techniques, so let’s jump right into it!

1.  Relaxation

One of the most essential elements of the running experience is relaxation. It is extremely important to do something relaxing for both your mind and your body before going for a run because this way you can fully experience running with extra dopamine levels released.

As a result, a feeling of reward is activated which can motivate you for the running session ahead.

We highly recommend that you engage in some type of activity that relaxes you and it could be anything, whether you want to go for an extra level on Candy Crush, play online poker at Ignition, or listen to your favorite album at the moment.

These activities help your mind and body relax so that you are fully ready mentally and physically to go running.

2.  Nutrition and Hydration

Another vital component that contributes to the overall running experience is food and water. Fueling your body with the right nutrients and staying hydrated should become a runner’s top priority for optimal running performance.

It is recommended that you eat a light meal or snack before your run, such as a banana, oatmeal, or whole-grain toast. These are easily digestible carbohydrates which is why they are recommended, while high-fat meals are highly discouraged because they simply cause discomfort during the run. Similarly, and just as importantly, it is vital to hydrate your body properly before going for a run but also during your run, especially on longer runs or in hot weather.

3.  Warm Up

The other vital technique that you should integrate into your running routine is warming up your body. It is crucial that you take this step to prepare your muscles and joints for the physical demands of running. You can spend five to ten minutes doing stretches, for instance, or other easy aerobic exercises like heel digs, knee lifts, or shoulder rolls that will gradually elevate your heart rate as displayed in this NHS illustration.

As a result, you will increase your flexibility and blood circulation, but most importantly it will reduce the risk of injuries in case something occurs. It is, however, important, that you listen to your body during the warmup since it is the initial phase of the body activation that could tell you if you are overdoing something since a warmup should feel challenging but not overly strenuous.

4.   Dress Appropriately

Wearing the right clothes can make a significant difference to your running experience. It is crucial that you choose breathable clothing that fits you well but also fits the weather conditions because no one wants to get a cold after a good run. In addition to that, it is extremely necessary that you wear the proper running shoes that provide adequate support

As a result, you will feel comfortable during your run and won’t have to worry about getting blisters on your feet or having sore feet after the run. More particularly, it helps prevent common conditions that runners encounter, such as black toenails. You can read more about this condition and ways how you can avoid getting it in this informative article here.

5.   Plan Your Route and Prepare Mentally

It is equally important to all the other techniques that you prepare yourself mentally before you go for a run, particularly a longer one. You should talk to and motivate yourself in the best way possible as it will help you more easily accomplish the goal route that you might have for that day. This will consequently affect the thought process that you will have while running since during this period it’s going to be you and your thoughts.

Scientific research showed that to deal with pain or discomfort during the run, runners use a variety of mental strategies, particularly encouraging themselves strongly by giving motivational speeches.

Apart from that, it is crucial that you plan the route you are about to take so that you have a full picture in your head of the surroundings you will be in the next few minutes or hours.

It is understood that one of the best ways to stay in shape and keep your mind and body active is to go for a run.

Whether you do it every day or a few days a week, running helps your overall mental and physical being. By implementing the above-mentioned techniques, running will become easier and even more enjoyable!

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