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Cross Training For Runners
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David Dack

Looking for some of the best YouTube workout channels for runners? Then you have come to the right place.

Being stuck at home doesn’t mean the end of your cross-training exercise.

A home workout can work well, and staying active is not only good for your physical state but also your mind.

Whether you don’t have the budget for the gym or have no time for it, you can find many efficient online videos to help you reach your fitness goals.

From classic bodyweights exercise, and yoga, to Pilates and high-intensity interval training sessions, the following picks have something for everyone.

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite YouTube channels in today’s article to add much-needed variety to your indoor fitness routine.


The Running Channel

Looking for great content designed for runners? Then the Running Channel is one of your best options.

The Running Channel has been uploading great content since 2009, having over 553,000 subs at the time of the publication of this article.

The Running Channel’s mission is to offer great content to those who love running, regardless of their ability or experience.

The channel’s team are high energy, informative, knowledgeable, and practical. The channel shares advice on running, such as race vlogs, training advice, hill training, and interviews. The videos are also relatively short, which makes them easier to watch.

You can also find plenty of at-home workouts for runners and so much more.

Fitness Blender

Are you looking to add some high-intensity training to your at-home training? Then fitness blender is a great choice.

Fitness Blender is a husband and wife training duo channel. The 6 million subscribers channel offers workouts that typically don’t require equipment, so you can easily do them at home.

Fitness Blender is one of the best sources of 150 HIIT workouts on YouTube, with over 150 routines at the time of writing this post.

The founders, Daniel and Keli, are fitness industry experts in Nutrition, Psychology, physiology, etc.

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Founded by Coach Kozak and Coach Claudia, the HASFIT team believes that everyone should be able to exercise at home.

The almost two-million subscribers channel has over 1,000 full-length workouts, so you can find a routine that meets your needs.

HASFIT also has a website and mobile app for those that would like to exercise alongside the coaches.

This channel is filled with over 1,000 full-length workouts, which might be overwhelming for some.

But don’t worry. The channel breaks up the workouts with playlists such as workouts by muscle group, beginner workouts, etc.

Just keep in mind that some workouts may require some equipment, like weights or a resistance band. But nothing complicated.

Yoga With Adriene

Do you have tight hamstrings? Then you need some yoga.

Yoga is one of the best cross-training workouts for runners. It helps strengthen your entire body and improve flexibility and mobility in your muscles and joints. This, as you can already tell, is key for superior performance and injury-free training.

I cannot emphasize this enough.

One of the best Yoga YouTube channels is Yoga with Adriene.

With over 6 million followers, the channel is one of the most successful yoga channels on YouTube.

Adrienne’s straight and clear style is a big part of the appeal – there’s little talk of New Age stuff here.

Her channel also offers classes for different people and backgrounds, from beginner yoga to yoga for runners.

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VO2 Max Productions

Looking to take your running to the next level? Then you should check out VO2 Max Productions.

The host, Sage Canaday, is a pro runner who shares stellar and compelling content for runners.

Sage competed in two US Olympic marathon trials and is a pro ultra mountain runner.

He also bakes vegan cookies, plays guitar, and shares practical tips on becoming a better runner on all levels—whether you just picked up the sport or have been running for years.

At the time of writing this, VO2 Max Products have over 90,000 subscribers and 16 million views.

What’s more?

The content is laid out in a simple way. Think of it more like a friendly chat from a pro.

The channel mostly focuses on pro-long-distance running tips and advice with a mix of other tutorials that dive into injury prevention, strength training, and diet.

In the videos, you’ll learn more about proper form, runners’ diets, and tips for long-distance running and optimal performance. You won’t be disappointed.

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