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Preparing For an Upcoming Marathon? Don’t Forget These 8 Preparation Tips!

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A marathon is no small feat. It requires weeks, sometimes months, of preparation and training to cross that finish line. Whether a first-timer or a seasoned pro, it’s always important to review the basics and ensure you’re on track for race day. Here are eight tips to help you prepare for an upcoming marathon. Take a look.

Have a Training Plan

A training plan will help you stay on track and incorporate all the necessary elements of your preparation, such as long runs, tempo runs, speed work, and cross-training. So don’t forget to discuss this with your coach and prepare an extensive training plan. 

Make Sure You Eat Right

Proper nutrition is key when preparing for any endurance event. That means many complex carbs, lean protein, healthy fats, and plenty of water. You’ll also want to experiment with different fuel types during your long runs to know what works best for you come race day.

Incorporate Cross-training

In addition to running, include other forms of exercise in your training plan to help improve your overall fitness level and reduce the risk of injury. Swimming, biking, and strength training are all great complementary activities for runners.

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Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough rest is essential for runners since our bodies need time to recover from all the mileage we log each week. Make sure you get 7-8 hours of sleep each night and take at least one rest day per week.

These tips will help you sleep better:

  • Don’t overeat the night before a long run. Light dinner or snack is all you need.
  • Avoid caffeine close to bedtime.
  • Establish a regular sleep schedule and stick to it as much as possible.
  • Sleep in a peaceful, dark, and cool environment.

Stay Motivated

Training for a marathon can be tough both physically and mentally, so it’s important to find ways to stay motivated throughout your preparation. Set small goals along the way to celebrate each accomplishment, and keep your eye on the prize. Surround yourself with positive people who will support your running journey, and sign up for group runs or training programs to help you stay accountable.

Taper Properly

The last few weeks before race day is crucial in terms of tapering—or reducing—your mileage so your body is fresh and rested for the day. Remember, quality over quantity at this point in the game! Do some easy runs, focus on stretching and recovery, and eliminate any nagging injuries, so you’re feeling 100% on the race day.

Have a Race Strategy

Come up with a game plan for race day so you know what to expect and how you want to approach the miles ahead. Taking things out too fast early on is a common mistake among novice runners, so make sure you have a realistic pace in mind that considers hills, weather conditions, and distance markers along the course.

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Check the Weather Forecast

Check the forecast leading up to race day so you can dress appropriately on race morning. There’s nothing worse than being cold, hot, or wet during a marathon!

Bonus: Consider IV Therapy

If you’re looking to step up your marathon preparation, consider IV therapy. This can help improve your hydration levels, reduce inflammation, and give you the nutrients you need to perform your best. In fact, many athletes are using IV therapy these days to level up their performance. 

Final Word

Preparing for a marathon may seem challenging, but it’s doable with the right mindset and preparation. Use these tips to help you prepare for race day; before you know it, you’ll be crossing that finish line!

Happy running!

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