My Top 53 Running Mantras

running mantras

Looking for the best running mantras?

You’re in the right place.

Here’s the truth.

When you believe in yourself and think positive thoughts, you are more likely to perform your best.

Likewise, if you let a negative mindset hijack your runs, then you will definitely have a disappointing workout.

In other words, reaching your full potential as a runner begins in your head.

Today I decided to share with you one of my favorite mental training tools: The ol’ good mantras.

Inside of this post, you will learn why and how to use this ancient tool to help you perform your best.

Not only that, I’m also gonna share with you a long list of my favorite running mantras and motivational quotes to get you started and keep going strong.

So are you excited? Then here we go…

What’s a Mantra?

Basically, a mantra is a sound, word, or short phrase of unique significance, repeated over and over, to help with either concentration or going through pain and unpleasant situations.

Mantras are the brainchild of ancient spiritual practices and all of the spiritual paths have their own take on mantras, like the Christianity Jesus Prayer, the Islamic Sufi dhikr and the Buddhism Om Mani Padme Hum.

So what this has to do with running and fitness? Actually a lot.

For me, mantras are things I say to myself to help me deal with all kinds of difficulties—especially the kind I face while running.

Think of mantra as a useful mental tool you can use to get through the toughest, and most challenging part of a workout by spinning negative thoughts into positive ones, which can help  control your inner state and stay in the moment.

Therefore, you don’t need to be a spiritual seeker to reap the benefits of mantras, period.

Making your Own Running Mantras

In my experience, the mantras that work the best, are personal, positive, short and action-oriented.

Therefore, use a mantra that’s very personal and addresses what you want to feel, not the challenges you are trying to conquer.

In other words, your mantras ought to be the positive flip-side of your negative thoughts and/or beliefs.

As a result, write your mantras in such a way that they help you focus on what you want, rather than what you are trying to avoid.

Plus, a mantra should be short and easy to remember, definitely not a novel.

So keep it to 3 seconds or less.

Use Visuals

If you want to take it a step further, then you can write some of these mantras on your hands and forearms before a hard run or a race to keep them at the front of your mind.

This can provide you with a great visual reminder when you begin to doubt yourself.

So do whatever works even if it sounds bizarre.

Be Careful

I love mantras, but like any other useful tool, they can be misused.

If you rely heavily on them and ignore your body’s signal of pain and discomfort, then you are heading in the wrong direction.

Mantras can be so distracting sometimes, so be careful and don’t let them take your mind away from your body.

Use common sense here.

If you feel any sign of pain or discomfort, back off. Otherwise, if you run through pain, you will definitely invite more pain to your life, and no amounts of mantras can make that go away.

running mantras

 Top 53 Running  Mantras 

The good news is there is no shortage of inspiration to keep your running routine going strong.

These powerful mantras can help you say on track to being the fittest, healthiest and happiest runner you can be.

So without further ado, here are 53 mindset mantras for continuous progress on the running track.

Use these powerful running mantras to help you snap out of negative thoughts and keep your running goals on track.

  1. “Run fast, go past.”
  2. “Born to Run.”
  3. “BELIEVE”
  4. “Define yourself.”
  5. “Deep breaths, quick legs.”
  6. “I’m stronger than I think.”
  7. “Light and smooth.”
  8. “ZOMBIES!!”
  9. “Just one more mile.”
  10. “Your body is gonna thank you tomorrow!”
  11. “The faster I run, the faster I’m done.”
  12. “Suck it up buttercup!”
  13. “I own this race. I choose the outcome.”
  14. “Pain is temporary. Pride is forever.”
  15. “Train fierce to look fierce.”
  16. “Run relaxed, finish strong.”
  17. “Don’t leave here with regrets!”
  18. “The strong get stronger.”
  19. “This too shall pass”
  20. “Don’t listen. Don’t look. Just run.”
  21. “I’m stronger than I think.”
  22. “I don’t stop when I’m tired. I stop when I’m done.”
  23. “It’s a hill. Get over it.”
  24. “Dig deep, breathe deep”
  25. “I kill hills. I kills hills. I kill hills.”
  26. “I’m a hill murderer”
  27. “Breathe in strength. Breathe out weakness.”
  28. “Hate it now, love it later!”
  29. “If it doesn’t challenge me, it doesn’t change me.”
  30. “Hills are my friend.”
  31. “I’m one mile closer to perfection”
  32. “Fast or slow, it hurts the same.”
  33. “Just stay calm.”
  34. “I feel good, I feel great!”
  35. “As it gets harder, I get stronger.”
  36. “Strong. Focused. Relaxed.”
  37. “Pain is WEAKNESS leaving the body!”
  38. “All miles are good miles.”
  39. “Hills are not the danger, I’m the danger” (Thank you Mr. White)
  40. “Keep moving forward!”
  41. “I am. I can. I will.”
  42. “Stay on pace.”
  43. “Make it or break it.”
  44. “Find your strong!”
  45. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”
  46. “Turn and burn.”
  47. “Be like water.”
  48. “Earn the burn!”
  49. “I can!”
  50. “No tears, only dreams”
  51. “Strong as steel and light as a feather”
  52. “If it ain’t burning, it ain’t working!”
  53. “I am my own experiment. I am my own work of art.”

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If you have some running mantras to add to this list, feel free to add them in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you because  I’m always looking for new mantras to use.

In the meantime thank you for reading my post.


David D.


  1. Breathe good, legs strong! (mile 1 of a 5k race)
    Float like a butterfly! (mile 2 of a 5k race)
    Soar like an eagle! (mile 3 of a 5k race)
    Dive like a hawk! (last tenth of a mile in a 5k race)
    Sting like a bee! (while sprinting the last 50-100 yards in a 5k race)


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