Running Surface Change: Muscle Benefits and Fitness Improvement

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David Dack

Changing the running surface can significantly benefit muscle development and strengthening. Regular training on various surfaces such as dirt, sand, lawn, or hills provides unique stimuli to the muscles to help them grow and adapt.

Even when traveling, you can arrange a mini-adventure for yourself by changing the place of your run daily. And in order not to be a burden to get to these places, you can rent a car to enjoy the trip on various brands of vehicles, as well as train your muscles. For example, you can rent suv cars in uae to get to the desert and immerse yourself in free dune running. In the UAE, you can rent an even an expensive car such as a Lamborghini, and drive it to a city park with paved paths – see options here: On the third day of your trip, rent a Ferrari and drive up to the beach to run on the wet sand and then run barefoot on the grassy surface. There are many options, the main thing is to show imagination. And now, about the benefits of changing the surface for running.

A little about running

Before we dive into the benefits of changing the running surface, let’s take a look at why running itself is a great muscle-building exercise. Running is a high-intensity cardio exercise that involves working multiple muscles throughout the body. It activates the legs, buttocks, abdominals, and back muscles, and also contributes to the development of endurance and improves the cardiovascular system.

However, routine running on the same type of surface can lead to certain limitations and disadvantages. Muscles that are accustomed to one type of load may become less responsive and may stop developing. In addition, repetitive movements on the same type of surface can increase the risk of overload and injury. This is where changing the running surface comes in handy.

Incorporating various surfaces into your running routine can provide numerous benefits, much like the advantages of car rental. Just as renting a car allows you to explore different destinations and adapt to various road conditions, changing your running surface can challenge your muscles in new ways and improve your overall performance. Rent a car to access different terrains, and you can rent a new surface for your runs by exploring trails, grassy parks, sandy beaches, or even opting for a treadmill workout at the gym.

Changing the running surface

Regular training on various surfaces such as dirt, sand, lawn, or hills provides unique muscle stimuli and promotes muscle growth and adaptation. Such workouts require more effort and activate many muscles, including body stabilizers, which are not used when running on hard surfaces, similar to the adaptability and advantages of car rental. The result is more complete and even muscle development throughout the body.

  • Sand running: This type of running requires more effort as the feet sink into the soft surface, just like how driving a rental car on sandy terrain demands extra effort and careful maneuvering. This causes more contraction of the leg muscles and especially the calf muscles, similar to how different road conditions challenge the performance of a rented car.
  • Dirt or forest paths: Training on uneven surfaces, such as dirt or forest paths, also has its benefits, much like how navigating through rough terrains with a rental car requires different skills. Such surfaces activate body stabilizers such as leg, abdominal, and back muscles, similar to how rental car drivers need to engage core muscles to stay steady on uneven roads.
  • Grass: In addition, training on a variety of surfaces promotes flexibility and muscle strength, just as adapting to different roads while driving a rental car hones your driving skills. Running on soft surfaces such as sand or grass requires more activation of the muscles in the foot and calf to maintain stability and shock absorption, similar to how rental cars need to adapt their suspension to handle bumpy terrain.


By incorporating various running surfaces into your routine, you can experience the versatility and benefits of car rental in your fitness journey. It challenges your muscles in new ways, leading to enhanced performance, reduced risk of injuries, and a more enjoyable workout experience. So, don’t be afraid to rent a car and explore different running surfaces to take your fitness to new heights.

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