Sliding into Strength: The Ultimate Guide to Slider Exercises

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David Dack

When you think about fitness tools, sliders might not be the first things that come to mind. But let me tell you, these inconspicuous champions are packing some serious strength-building punch!

As a runner, I’m here to make a bold claim: you need to add these bad boys to your fitness arsenal, and here’s why.

Slider training isn’t just a trend; it’s a game-changer. These unassuming discs are affordable, versatile, and capable of taking your strength training to the next level. So, if you’re stuck in a workout rut or looking for a fun alternative to your usual routine, sliders are about to become your new best workout buddies.

In other words, sliders will help you glide your way to a stronger, more powerful body. So, what’s stopping you? All you need is a pair of sliders and a bit of space, and you’re ready to embark on this exciting journey of strength and fitness.

Let’s slide into strength together.

The Ultimate Sliders Strength Routine

Are you ready to transform your workout routine without breaking the bank? Well, get ready to meet your new fitness BFF: furniture sliders! These handy little discs are not just for moving furniture; they can take your strength training to the next level.

Meet the Sliders: Your New Workout Pals

Now, before you start thinking you need to splurge on fancy fitness equipment, let me share a secret with you. A good pair of sliders will only set you back around $10 to $35. Yep, that’s it! So, it won’t just be your muscles that are happy; your wallet will thank you too.

Let me introduce you to my personal favorite, the Valslide Sliders. They are the bee’s knees when it comes to sliders.

Why, you ask? Well, they’re light, portable, durable, and incredibly easy to use. These little wonders are about to become your new workout companions.

Getting Down to Business: The Slider Routine

Now, let’s dive into the fun stuff – the workout itself. You’ll want to aim for a couple of sessions per week to really start feeling the burn.

Here’s the game plan:

Perform each exercise in the order listed below. Try to move from one to the next without taking too much of a breather – we want that heart rate up!

Once you’ve completed the entire circuit, catch your breath for at least one minute. Trust me; you’ll need it!

Repeat the whole circuit 2 to 3 times. Yep, you read that right. Your muscles will thank you later.

  1. Slider Fly

Imagine this: you’re in a push-up position, sliders under your trusty hands, ready to take on the slider fly. It’s about to get real!

Get Your Game Face On

First things first, make sure your back is as straight as an arrow, and that core of yours is engaged like it’s solving a Rubik’s Cube. That’s the secret to success right there.

Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey

Slightly bend that right elbow of yours and get ready for a little fly action. Slide your right hand sideways, just like a stealthy ninja on the move. Then, drop into a push-up – no, you don’t need to be a superhero, but you’ll feel like one when you’re done.

Once you’ve aced that push-up, it’s time to gracefully slide that hand back up to where you started. It’s like your hand is on a mission, and the mission is to get stronger!

Switch It Up

But hey, we’re not done yet. Time to switch sides and give that left hand some action. That’s one rep down, my friend.

More Reps, More Power

Now, you’re not going to stop at one, are you? Heck no! You’re going to power through 8 of these beauties because you know that’s where the magic lies.

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  1. Slider Mountain Climber

Alright, let’s step it up a notch with the Slider Mountain Climber. Imagine this: you’re in a push-up position, but your feet are resting on those trusty sliders. You’re about to embark on a journey to the peak of fitness!

Base Camp: Push-Up Position

First things first, get into a push-up position. Your arms should be like pillars, strong and directly beneath those shoulders of yours. No slacking!

Climb That Mountain

Now, here’s where the fun begins. Imagine you’re scaling a mountain. Start by pulling that right knee in close to your chest. Hold it there for a quick second – give it a “what’s up” nod – then push it back out.

But we’re not stopping there! Quickly switch sides, like a ninja changing direction. That’s one rep right there.

Speedy Gonzalez

Here’s the deal: you’re going to alternate between those legs like you’re in a race against time. Go as fast as you can, but always keep that form in check. We’re not sacrificing quality for speed here.

Push Yourself to the Summit

How many reps are we talking about? Well, how about 16 to 20? That’s what it takes to complete one set of Slider Mountain Climbers.

  1. Ab Slides

Start by assuming the position – we’re talking push-up position, but you’re on your knees for this one. Your trusty sliders should be right under your hands, and your hands should be right under those shoulders.

The Slide of Glory

Now, this is where the magic happens. With a firm grip on those sliders, start sliding your hands out in front of you. But here’s the twist – you’re doing it slowly and oh-so-controlled.

As you slide out, lower your torso towards the ground. It’s like you’re saying “hello” to the floor. But, and this is important, engage those abs! They’re your secret weapon here.

Don’t Overdo It

Now, don’t push it too far. Lower yourself down as much as you can without straining your back. Safety comes first, always.

Hold that position for a second. Feel the burn yet? Good! Now, let’s make our way back. Slowly roll those sliders back to the starting position on your knees. That’s one rep in the bag!

How Many?

You’re aiming for ten reps to complete one set. Trust me, your core will be singing by the end of it. Ready to give it a shot? Let’s slide our way to killer abs!

  1. Slider Pike

We’re kicking off in the standard plank position. You know the drill – hands right under those shoulders and your trusty sliders under your feet.

Knees Locked, Butt Up!

Now, it’s time to work that core. Lock those knees in place and start pulling your feet towards your head. Lift that butt up high into the air. It’s like you’re trying to touch the ceiling with your behind – go on, reach for the stars!

Peak of the Pike

Once you’ve hit that peak position, you’re not done yet. Lift those hips up even higher and draw your legs towards your hands. It’s all about that pike position, baby! Pause for a moment up there – soak it in.

Back to Plank

Now, let’s reverse the journey. Slowly, oh-so-gracefully, glide those feet back to the plank position. Your legs should be straight, and your core should be engaged throughout the entire exercise.

Reps for Glory

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  1. Sliding Standard Lunges

Start by getting into an athletic stance. Your feet should be hip-width apart. Now, here’s the fun part – place the ball of your right foot on a slider. Got it? Good.

Hands-on Hips

Place your hands firmly on your hips. It’s time to take control!

Slide and Lunge

Now, here comes the action. Bend that left knee while gracefully sliding your right foot backward. Keep going until your right knee is just about to kiss the floor. That’s your lunge position right there.

Form Matters

Remember, keep that back leg slightly bent, and make sure your front knee is tracking right behind those toes. You want to do this safely, after all

Hold it and Slide Back

Pause for a moment in that lunging glory, then smoothly reverse direction. Glide that right foot back to the starting position. That’s one rep done on that side.

Balance It Out

Now, don’t forget about the other side. You’re going for 10 reps on each side to complete one set

  1. Sliding Side lunge

First things first, stand up straight with that right foot of yours planted firmly on a slider. Yep, you’re all set.

Slide and Drop

Now, for the magic move – slide that right foot out to the side while gracefully lowering yourself into a squat position. We’re talking a 90-degree bend in that knee.

Hold It Right Ther

Pause for a moment. Feel that burn? Embrace it! You’re doing great.

Slide Back and Repeat

Time to bring that right foot back to where it all began – your starting position. Nice and controlled.

Balance Things Out

Remember, you’re not done yet! You’re aiming for 10 reps on each side to complete one set.

The Sliders Workout – The Conclusion

Here you have it!

I hope you liked my sliders workout routine. Please take action on what you just learned as soon as you can.

In the meantime, thank you for reading my post.

Feel free to leave your comments and questions below.


David Dack

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