The 5 Best Colleges for Runners in the US

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**This is A Guest Post By my Friend Mila Bravo**

When choosing between learning institutions, future students are guided by various preferences. Some consider the location first of all, others try to find a place where they won’t have to complete so many written assignments that only an essay service will be able to help them. Sometimes, it’s the available scholarship the final choice depends on. Yet, what does a really good college comprise?

While some students will look for the school with the best academic track record, others take very seriously the best college track and field programs before they apply. Running isn’t just for keeping fit for them, but also a chance at scholarships to help them manage the ever-rising college fee.

But in addition to physical skills, students should also be able to articulate their thoughts well for writing admissions essays or understand where you can get help for example in writing a persuasive essay, these are important skills that will be useful to the student in the future.

The US is a haven for talented students that want to get serious at field and track. Schools have allocations for those who want to explore their talents while pursuing academic accreditation. Students under a sports scholarship do not get to sail through simply for their achievements in the field. They are expected to be all-around, thereby somehow working even harder than those not in such programs. However, US colleges provide countless opportunities for those who love running to never give it up. Let’s take a look at the best colleges for runners in the US.

University of Wisconsin

You would be doing yourself an injustice if you overlooked one of the biggest assets this campus has – a 200-mile trail for bikes and running. At the Memorial Union Terrace is the Lakeshore Path that students can pick right after lessons, which typically means you can get off class into the track when pressed for time. It’s a perfect choice for those who’d never give up running while struggling to find time for assignments. Plus, you won’t need to think “how can I do my homework?” as Edubirdie is here to help. Listening to lectures on the run is a great way to memorize information and study while leaving tedious writing and research for professional academic help.

The shores of Lake Mendota offer 19 miles of glorious running trail, while Picnic Point is just but 5 miles of scenic views. You are spoilt for choice, even more, when you look to Devil’s Lake State Park with its wooded parks and grassy trails. The UW running club was started in 1986 and organizes marathons as well as all running events. All this is only made better by the numerous coffee shops that line the streets where you can stop for a cup of Joe to fuel your runs.

University of Washington

Running being an outdoor activity is best experienced when you don’t have to worry about the rain, which is why Washington is as ideal as it can get. The rainy seasons are few and far between and nothing makes you appreciate nature more than the surrounding Puget Sound and Lake Washington.

There are trails – UW Waterfront and Burke-Gilman – that will make it so much fun since you will hardly ever be doing the same trail twice a week. The Huskies runners club allows anyone that wants to join in the fun where you interact with like-minded peers to plan runs together. The club is run by elected officials who map the route for five runs a week with different distance options. Now you see why this college is top of the list?

Harvard University

Harvard is known for its academic prowess, but little is said of it as one of the country’s top sports colleges. Now, the paths along Charles River form exciting routes that athletes can choose to take every day so that it feels like a different path now and again. The 50-acre area that was formerly a landfill is also available for exploration as are Fresh Pond and Danehy Park.

The school’s club that is mostly made up of undergraduates welcomes staff and postgraduates students as well, and has six practices a week. And if you forgot, the school is based in the Boston Marathon’s home, so there’s an annual event to train for after class.

Creighton University

There is more to Omaha, Nebraska, than Midwestern living and steaks. The 140-acre facility has lots of history that you can soak in as you run the many trails along with St. John’s Church and Creighton Hall. Get out of campus and run through the Omaha Riverfront Trail that gives you the best views of the Omaha skyline and Missouri River. This trail is a 20 miles course, so think of it as your practice for long runs as you appreciate all that the state has to offer.

There is a club for runners with organized group activities four times a week. Anyone can join whether they are in it for fun or competitively. They also organize local running events.

Northwestern University – Evanston III

Northwestern may be known for being a hub for academic research, but that is not to say students are always writing papers. With Lake Michigan as your backdrop, you will enjoy a breezy run through Sheridan Road. Green Bay Trail that is nine miles long is off-campus when you want to mingle with other users, cyclists included.

The Northwestern Track Club meets four times a season and organizes track and long-distance runs. It is quite active with activities most days of the week.

Running is a Lifestyle

There is more to education than attending classes, which is why schools running is being promoted regularly among students and staff. This list only makes up the best of the US institutions that place lots of emphasis on extracurricular activities both in architectural design and history. There are many more schools but we couldn’t fit them all here.

Author Bio – Mila Bravo is a freelance writer and running enthusiast. Her articles focus on an active lifestyle, education, and work-life balance.

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