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Consistency is vital for running. Therefore, if you are to change your lifestyle and choose a university, it should create the necessary conditions for running. Additionally, you may apply for a paper writing services to take off some of the academic burdens and focus on your running routine.

In the list, we’ve collected the best universities that are perfect for combining regular running and acquiring a degree.

Southern Methodist University

The university creates all the necessary conditions for runners. First of all, it has a long-established habit of campus run. Some people even run the university’s stairs for an extra mile.

The overall structure of campus inspires all kinds of running, from casual jogging to sport’s coaching.

Besides the campus structure, Dallas has some well-made running paths. You have a common Katy Trail that goes through the city’s landscape. Alternatively, you can choose a White Rock path. It is more lengthy, 9.5 miles, and has more views of nature.

There’s no specialized running team in the university. However, there’s a casual running club for enthusiasts who want to have a more structured approach for running training. Members of the club have access to eight charity races and a certified training program.

University of San Francisco

The route between Golden Bridge Gate and Golden Bridge Park is a perfect place for the university. The five-mile campus run has a lot of shoreline views and nice, paved trails.

As for town routes, there are Crissy Field and Ocean beach. Most of the time of the year, the weather is just fine for any kind of sports activity, from Frisby to marathon training.

As for the running clubs, the choice is plenty in San Francisco. You may join:

  • Road Runners
  • Front Runners
  • Golden Gate Club
  • Dolphin South End Runners
  • K-Stars Running Club

Running paths in San Francisco are diverse and full of city views and well-planned running tracks. One of the best places to keep training.

Indiana University

Indiana takes place among the most beautiful-looking places in the country. It is true for campus runs and general running routes. The limestone buildings and green parks look great during any season.

As for the running routes, you can choose from 1.2 miles in Bloomington. One of the most popular opinions is the B-Line Trail and Brown County State Park. Each of them has views to offer and different lengths of the routes.

The running club of Indiana is competitive-focused. Training sessions are not mandatory; you can visit them at a personal pace. Besides, the club gives access to competitive cross-country runs.

Notre Dame University Indiana

The University of Notre Dame creates ideal conditions for students’ recreation and running routes availability. The campus run around Notre Dame is 3.8 miles long and goes around a golf field, St. Mary, and St. Joseph Lakes. You can’t get tired of the constantly changing scenery soon.

As for the park routes, the Riverwalk path around St.Joseph lake is the favorite for pedestrians and bike rides. If you like running through rugged terrain, Potato Creek State Park provides 10 miles of excellent challenge.

The university’s running club was established in 2014. The club maintains regular training sessions and racing competitions. It fits novice and advanced runners alike. Participation in the club is a high opportunity to find like-minded runners and keep your skills sharp.

University of Houston

Houston has many merits, and impressive running conditions are one of them. The campus run of the university consists of 667 acres of pedestrian-friendly walks. However, the Brays Bayou Greenway route is more popular among runners.

This path connects approximately 30 miles of parks and trails for bikes and running. You can plan your running route and make it as complex as you like. In addition, you may check the Buffalo Bayou Park. It is 8 miles long, with plenty of bridges and shortcuts.

Houston University does not have an official running club. However, the choice is plenty within the city itself. If you want to keep a structured approach for your training, you can maintain it in Houston.

Gonzaga University

Gonzaga is located in Spokane, which has won three awards for All-America city. It is a nice place for studying and training. There is no dedicated run for Gonzaga University. However, there are plenty of running routes around the establishment.

Riverfront Park is the most popular running route for Gonzaga’s students. The park is full of well-planned walking routes and nice scenery. If you are looking for something more distinct-looking, you may try Manito Park or Botanical Gardens. You can appreciate the garden’s beauty in any season. But they look especially good during autumn and late spring.

Gonzaga University has an official students’ running club. It hosts weekly running competitions up to five miles. There are more options in the city if you are looking for something else.

North Carolina State

The University of North Carolina provides plentiful options for its runners. It is located in the city of Raleigh, which is full of fantastic locations. Space within the campus has a lot of short tracks for jogging. As for the longer runs, Rocky Branch Trail gives a fine opportunity for sightseeing of the Raleigh landscape.

Raleigh itself has more than 70 miles of park zones with running tracks. You may run through Walnut Creek Trails or Lake Johnson park and always find something fascinating to see. These trails fit both professional and casual running sessions.

As for the running clubs, North Carolina XC & Track Club is one of the most famous in the country. It provides access to training five days a week, which helps squeeze training sessions into a busy schedule. The club supports competitive runs, as well as regular training.

Final Words

If you want to keep your running shape, there are many possibilities, even if you have to move to another city for studying. Competitive and regular runners can enjoy daily campus runs, club benefits, and generally fine-looking landscapes.

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