The Top 5 Costly Mistakes To Avoid When It Comes To Running To Lose Weight

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David Dack

Weight gain remains one of the biggest health concerns in the world. Statistics show that obesity alone led to the deaths of some 4.7 million people in the world in 2017. Unfortunately, more and more people are becoming obese, thanks to the lockdowns that are being informed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people are gaining weight as a result of staying at home due to corona.

The good news is that overweightness or obesity are both very easy to get rid of with a running or jogging routine. Notably, running or jogging can only be as effective as how properly it’s done. There’s no getting away from the fact that many people make mistakes that can simply be detrimental when it comes to running as a way to lose weight. Those mistakes are as follows:

1. Wearing Improper Clothes

You see, I come from a highland region where it gets so cold both in the early morning and late evening hours. A lot of times, I see people jogging while dressed up in heavy jackets and beanies. Even though they do so to avoid feeling cold, it’s not recommended.

Heavy jackets and other items designed for cold can wear you down and also make you feel uncomfortable due to high temperatures. All that can cause you to tire faster and end your jogging session earlier than you should. Consequently, you’ll end up burning fewer calories than you should for the day. To avoid that, just put on your running clothes and forget about the cold. After all, your body will heat up once you get moving such that you won’t feel cold.

2. Eating Unhealthy

Some people combine dieting with running in the hope that these efforts will help them shed excess pounds fast. Other people forget about paying attention to what they eat. They think that running alone is enough to bring their weight back to a recommended one.

But the reality is that both case scenarios amount to unhealthy eating. Dieting restricts you to particular kinds or small amounts of food. Because of that, it may cause you to miss out on certain nutrients crucial for your body as far as jogging goes. For example, dieting limits your calorie intake. Yet jogging requires more calories due to the extra energy your body needs. By restricting your calorie intake through dieting, you deprive your body of the sufficient amount of energy it needs for running.

At the same time, eating anyhow can jeopardize your running efforts. Consuming foods high in fats when you are running to burn the same fats can be counterproductive.

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That means you need to strike the right balance between what you consume highly, what you eat moderately, and what you avoid altogether. Talking to a fitness expert is the best way to do so.

Fresh n’ Lean and BistroMD are some of the best sources of organic meals that can help promote your running efforts. The former and the latter offer meal kits designed for active people or people who want to lose weight, respectively. I found a good comparison article that nicely compares and contrasts the two amongst other meal kit providers. Read the post to find out which company between Fresh n’ Lean and BistroMD best suits your needs. Also, see what the author had to say about other top meal kit delivery services out there. These include Green Chef, Sun Basket, Purple Carrot, Blue Apron, and Veestro. The rest are Splendid Spoon, Factor, and Daily Harvest.

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3. Drinking Water While Running

Running can lead to dehydration, causing you to feel thirsty such that you want to drink water. However, it’s not a good idea to hydrate while running. Otherwise, doing so may lead to a problem known as “gastrointestinal distress,” which can be characterized by abdominal pain, cramping, among other symptoms. These symptoms can cause significant discomfort, causing you to end your running session prematurely even before you burn enough calories or fat. By making this mistake repeatedly, your running routine will consequently become counterproductive.

To avoid feeling thirsty and needing to drink water while running, hydrate your body at least 15 minutes before the run. Learn how to control your thirst so that you can avoid drinking water while running for the best results. After all, you only need 40-50 minutes for a jogging session.

4. Running While Singing Or Talking

Did you know that running or jogging can be quite painful, especially when you are not used to it? Yes, the temporary burning sensation in the lungs and the windpipe that comes with this activity can cause pain and discomfort. But there’s a way in which you can minimize this unpleasant sensation—taking controlled breaths. By taking longer, more relaxed breaths, you’ll be able to run longer without feeling so much of this painful sensation. Avoiding singing or talking while running is an incredible way to control your breath.

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5. Running Improperly

Many people don’t know how to run without getting tired quickly. But it’s simple, and the secret lies in how your foot lands on the ground. Your forefoot should touch the ground first followed by your midfoot and then hindfoot. Landing your entire foot at the same time or even hindfoot fast on the ground will cause you to get tired quickly. You can try this practical tip to see for yourself.

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Final Thoughts

Weight gain is a serious health concern that can lead someone to an early grave. That’s because it comes with many life-threatening conditions including stroke and heart attack. Yet many people are becoming overweight, thanks to this pandemic and individual lifestyle choices. For those who want to go back to a healthy weight, running is one of the most effective ways to do it. Just make sure to avoid the above mistakes when you decide to run to lose weight. Wear proper running clothes, eat healthily, avoid drinking water, talking, or singing while running, and know how to land your foot on the surface.


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