How to Start Running Without Pain or Injury In 8 Weeks

(& Keep Doing it For Life)

Dear Aspiring Runner:

I have a few questions I want to ask you. Please answer them honestly.

Have you always wanted to start running but had no clue how to do it?

Would you like to become a runner quickly and pain-free?

Would you like to lose some weight and get into a better shape?

Have you bought “running” and “fitness” guides, but failed even to take the first step?

Or are you just a new runner and don’t know where to take things next?

Do you find yourself nodding yes to a few (maybe all) of these?

Trust me, I understand. I've been exactly where you're, and today I'm here to help.

In fact, if you’d like to start running and keep it consistent.. without pain, without injury, and without exhausting yourself to an early exit, then you're in the right place.

Here’s Why.

My name is David Dack. Years ago, I was the last person you’d think of as a runner.

I couldn’t run even my life depended on it. I was also so overweight and a classic lazy, couch-potato guy.

I wasn’t just sluggish and fat, I was also so unhappy and miserable.

I longed for a change for a very long time but never knew where or how to begin.

Then one day I decided enough was enough. Things are going to change—now, not later.

What I wanted was pretty simple: lose the extra pounds and improve my stamina so I can move around without panting for air. Not a lot to ask. Just the simple stuff.

Thus my quest began.

I started looking for something that made sense to me—something I could do without worrying about whether I’m doing it the right or the wrong way.

That’s when (and why) I made my mind to take up running as a sport.

Back then my decision made perfect sense because of many reasons.

For starters, since I was still in college, I couldn't afford a gym membership, Second, at about eight calories burned per minute, running is a form of exercise that cannot be beaten for weight loss.

What’s more?

At its core, running isn’t really that hard. All you need is a pair of running shoes, and off you go.


Well, it wasn’t as easy as I expected it to be.

Not one bit.

Here’s the problem.

Roughly ten years ago, I was a 22-year old guy who has never been successful with a structured workout regime.

I’ve joined a gym multiple times, started biking with a friend, but never had any real motivation to keep training for an extended period—let alone run. In fact, I was never into it.

But at the time, I was so desperate and running was the only option I had to gain some control over my fitness and health.

As expected, once I got on the running path, I kept failing over and over again. The training was rough and dull. It felt like I was going in endless circles.

Each time I went out running, I’d suffer horrendous stomach cramps, my legs felt wobbly, and for some reason, I had ZERO control over my breathing.

I was also in pain. I somehow injured my right knee and kept limping for weeks after.

You know what made this worse?

The fact that I didn’t lose much weight despite months of physical torture. I gained a few pounds once I started running—and I had no clue what I was doing wrong.

As you can easily tell, this really sucked.

Running was supposed to help me, but instead, it was making my life worse.

The cycle of pain lasted for over a year.

I’d run straight for 2 or 3 weeks, get injured and/or lose motivation, stop training for a month, then be back on track, only to quit again. Rinse and repeat.

…and the pounds kept on piling up.

I wanted to give up so many times, but, somehow, my stubbornness kept me marching forward.

Deep down I knew success was just around the corner, but I didn’t know how to get to it.

Not yet anyway…

After a few months of mostly downs with few ups, I realized that I must be doing something wrong.

I wasn’t that stupid—even though I kept doing the same thing over and over again, yet expecting different results. No wonder my training was driving me crazy.

Because of the crushingly recurring failures, I made a solemn vow that no matter what will it cost or how long will it take, I was going to find a way out of this.

In an effort to break the fiasco cycle, I started learning everything there’s to learn about running and fitness. I bought shelves and shelves of running books and subscribed to a pile of fitness magazines.

Once I had enough grasp over the subject, I experimented with different running methods, and had a few epiphanies.

For starters, I realized is that starting a running program and keeping IT for a consistent time are not the same thing. 

When you really think about it, running isn’t that complicated. You don’t have to be an athlete. You don’t have to be great at motivating yourself. All you need is some trainers and you can get started within the day!

But, if you want to become a real runner—as in, keep running regularly (and not just for weight loss),


It’s a fact – research tells us that 95% of beginners who start an exercise program---let alone a running plan—for the first time never achieve long-term consistency.

Actually, they often end up WORSE than when they started. I was one of the 95 % and for a very long time.

The main reason for my repeated failures throughout my early months is that I was doing too much too soon. I was asking more than my not-so-fit body can handle—and I was paying dearly for it.


Here's just a taste of what you're about to discover:

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Frequently asked questions

To ensure you’re making the right decision by purchasing my beginner runner course, here’s a list of frequently asked questions.

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A: That’s its whole premise, dear friend. It’s appropriate for you for even if you’ve no formal training. Everyone has to start somewhere, and the Runners Blueprint is the ideal stepping stone into the world of running.

A: Of course. As long as you do the workouts, follow the right nutrition plan, and eat the right things at the right time (as exactly shown in the eBook), you’ll be able to lose the extra pounds and keep them off for good.

A: of course you do. I’ve outlined an entire chapter on how to schedule your runs and cross-training workouts without causing any conflicts.

A: Nope. Once your payment is processed, you’ll get redirected into a page where you can download the 170-page eBook and bonuses. No physical products will be shipped. The eBooks format is Adobe Acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on PC, Mac, smartphone, and tablet.

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A: Yes. You can securely purchase Runner's Blueprint eBook using your PayPal account or any major debit or credit card.

A: No. Anabolic Running is a one time secure payment and you’ll be an owner of the program forever.

  P.S :    The Runners Blueprint System is a downloadable, 170-page eBook. No physical products will be shipped. After your payment is processed, you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to download the eBook as well as the bonuses onto your device. The eBooks format is Adobe Acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on PC, Mac, smartphone, and tablet. You can read it right on your computer screen, or you can even print out your own hard-copy.


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  Legal Disclaimer :     David Dack is not a doctor nor a physician. The training and diet guidelines shared within this product or website should be taken as medical advice. It’s not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any health issues—nor is it designed to replace the advice of a certified health professional. Err on the side of caution and always consult your doctor on any matter regarding your fitness and health before you take up any form of exercise and make any changes to your diet. By participating in this exercise program, you agree that David Dack shall not be liable or responsible for any injuries caused by your participation in this workout plan.

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