From Passion to Profit: Monetizing Your Fitness Blogging Journey

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David Dack

Hey there, fitness enthusiasts! Hold on to your kettlebells because I’ve got a mind-boggling question for you: Ever wondered just how much the fitness and health industry is worth? A cool billion? Maybe 10 billion? Think bigger, my friend!

Believe it or not, the industry’s value is a jaw-dropping 100 billion dollars! Yup, you heard that right – $100,000,000,000! And no, we’re not talking Hong Kong dollars here; we’re dealing with good old American greenbacks.

Now, imagine this – that’s a whole lot of zeros! But hold on, that’s not even the juiciest part. The market is sprinting forward like a marathon runner on rocket fuel. Yoga studios and CrossFit gyms are popping up faster than daisies in spring!

What’s the big picture, you ask? Well, it’s not just a bunch of fitness fanatics out there; it’s a thriving industry ripe with opportunities for anyone with a fitness- or health-related blog. Cha-ching! Money-making potential, ahoy!

So, here’s the scoop – in today’s post, I’m dishing out some secrets from my treasure chest of blogging knowledge. I’ll share the steps I took to turn my passion for fitness into a money-making machine.

But wait, there’s more! As an added bonus, I’ll sprinkle some traffic generation tactics to supercharge your blog’s voyage to success!

Ready to set sail on this thrilling adventure? Ahoy, let’s go!

Part 1 – Drive Traffic

Picture this – your fitness blog is like a shiny gem, filled with valuable content and knowledge. But what good is a gem if nobody gets to see it? You need to send waves of eager visitors to your posts, like a stampede of fitness enthusiasts hungry for wisdom.

Because let’s face it, my friends, traffic is the lifeblood of your blog. It’s what fuels your journey to more engagement, more sales, and more moolah! Without it, even the greatest content can get lost in the vast digital wilderness.

The traffic sources you need:

Now, don’t fret! I’ve got the secret map that leads you to the ultimate traffic sources. Let’s check a few.

First stop – the mighty Google! With over 3.5 billion searches every day, it’s like a bustling marketplace where people seek answers to their fitness dreams. You want to be right there, waving your blog like a banner, saying, “Hey, I’ve got the solutions you need!”

Next, let’s board the Pinterest express! This platform is a gold mine for fitness bloggers like us. With its 320 million active users and billions in ad revenue, it’s like a bustling bazaar of inspiration and ideas. So, pin your way to success, my friends!

And of course, we can’t leave Facebook behind! With billions of members, it’s like a massive party where you can showcase your fitness expertise to the world.

Now, don’t get me wrong – we’ve got other traffic routes too! I’m talking about Twitter, StumbleUpon, and Reddit – the hidden trails of opportunity. But, if you want to reach your destination fast, focus on Facebook and Pinterest first.

But hey, don’t just stop there! Once you’ve built your audience, it’s time to expand your empire! Explore new territories, try new strategies, and conquer the digital landscape.

Optimize Your Posts For SEO

With over 3.5 billion searches every single day, Google is big—like really really big, and guess what? They’re hungry for fitness advice too! It’s like a never-ending parade of potential readers, just waiting to discover your fitness blog!

Think about how we use the internet – it’s our ultimate guide to life! Whether we’re searching for the best protein shakes or directions to the nearest gym, we turn to those trusty search engines. And as a blogger, one of the best ways to make your content stand out above everyone else’s is to have a solid SEO strategy (check this post if you have no idea what SEO is).

Now, let me share the secrets of SEO success with you. It’s like a carefully crafted recipe, combining various ingredients to create the perfect blog post.

First off, we’ve got the “keyword research” spice. With tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs, you can uncover the hottest keywords in the fitness universe. These are the secret codes that unlock the doors to higher rankings. So, sprinkle them strategically throughout your content, and watch your blog soar!

Next up, we’ve got the “epic content” seasoning. Imagine crafting blog posts that are so valuable, so helpful, and so inspiring that readers can’t help but fall in love with your blog! That’s the magic of epic content.

And let’s not forget about the “click-worthy post titles” sauce! These are like little appetizers, tempting readers to click and dive into your blog. But remember, no clickbait here! We want titles that promise real value and deliver on that promise.

Now, to add that extra oomph to your blog, we’ve got the “descriptive meta-descriptions” garnish. These little snippets of goodness show up in search results, enticing folks to click on your link. So, make ’em snappy and include those juicy keywords!

Last but not least, we’ve got the “Yoast plugin” magic dust! This nifty tool helps you sprinkle SEO goodness all over your blog posts. It’s like having a fairy godmother for your SEO efforts!


Pinterest is like a treasure trove of readers, just waiting to discover your amazing content!

You see, Pinterest has a special place in my heart, and here’s why – it drives more traffic to The Runners Blueprint Blog than any other social media platform.

Why is Pinterest so magical, you ask? Well, it’s because I pour my heart and soul into it! I’m like a pinning wizard, constantly creating new pins, showcasing my stuff, and spreading the love by pinning other people’s awesome content. It’s like a dance of pins and clicks, and I can’t get enough of it!

And the best part? Pinterest is like a never-ending garden, always blooming and growing. At the end of 2019, it had over 320 million active users, and boy, has it been growing like wildfire! It’s like a rising star in the social media galaxy, shining bright as the fourth largest platform in the US, right after YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

But wait, there’s more! Pinterest’s ad revenue is projected to hit a billion dollars – that’s billion with a B! It’s like a gold mine of opportunities for fitness bloggers like you and me.


Facebook has been my trusty ally in the quest for traffic! With over 15,000 followers on my personal page, this powerhouse sends me a whopping 15 percent of my blog’s traffic. It’s like having an army of fitness enthusiasts marching towards my content!

But here’s the secret sauce – I don’t just stop at my personal page. Oh no, I take the plunge into the vast world of Facebook groups! I’m like a social butterfly, fluttering from one group to another, spreading my fitness wisdom and sharing my blog posts like precious gems.

And guess what? It works like magic! Joining relevant Facebook groups within your fitness niche is like stepping into a wonderland of like-minded individuals. It’s a place where you can interact, engage, and share your expertise with people who actually care!

Here’s the golden rule of Facebook group success – be active like a whirling dervish! Post regularly, answer questions, share valuable insights, and above all, be a force of good out there.

Be that shining light of positivity, and watch how you attract the right kind of attention – the attention that brings more readers to your fitness blog!

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Guest Posts

Guest posting is the practice of producing captivating articles for other blogs or websites, sharing your wisdom with their audience. And guess what? It’s a win-win situation! You get to showcase your yoga prowess while the host blog receives valuable content to delight their readers. It’s like a fitness feast for everyone involved!

And let me tell you a secret – guest posting is not just about winning hearts; it’s about winning the favor of Google too! Oh yes, when you publish those amazing guest posts, Google nods its virtual head in approval. Why? Because every link back to your website acts like a glowing endorsement in the eyes of the search engine gods!

As a result, take a leaf out of my book. In the past year, I’ve been on a guest posting spree, like a fitness globetrotter, exploring different websites and leaving my fitness wisdom wherever I go. It’s like planting seeds of knowledge in various corners of the virtual world!

And guess what? I’ve seen the magic unfold! My fitness blog’s page authority has soared like an eagle, flying high in the realm of Google’s search results.

Here are a few examples.

Making Money with Your Blog

Now, let’s talk business, fellow bloggers, because there are countless ways to rake in the moolah in the vast realm of the internet. But don’t fret; I’ve boiled it down to the top five ways to line your pockets with green using your precious fitness blog!

Ad Networks

First up, we have the trusty Ad Networks – the gold mine of passive income!

Picture this: you set up adverts on your blog, and voilà, the money starts flowing in without you lifting a finger! As a beginner, I’d suggest diving into the AdSense pool. It’s like dipping your toes into the waters of earning without breaking a sweat.

But hold on to your yoga mats, because there’s more! Once your fitness blog starts attracting a decent crowd of monthly visitors, it’s time to level up.

Enter AdThrive, my faithful partner-in-profit! When I switched from AdSense to AdThrive, it was like transforming from a mere mortal to a fitness blog tycoon overnight!

But here’s the catch, my aspiring money makers – you need a hefty crowd cheering for you to dance in the ad revenue spotlight. To waltz into the world of real money (yes, more than a mere $500 a month), you’ll need a sizable audience, with thousands of visitors every single day! Trust me; crossing that threshold can be like climbing Mount Everest!

Fear not. Start by setting your sights on the 25k visitors a month mark – it’s like setting a new personal record in the blogging world! Once you conquer that milestone, it’s time to review your options and select the private ad manager network that suits you like a perfectly tailored workout outfit.


With affiliate marketing, you get to play matchmaker between your audience and awesome products or services. It’s like setting up the perfect blind date, and if your audience falls head over heels for the product and makes a purchase using your special links, cha-ching!

You earn a sweet commission – it’s like winning a gold medal in the fitness blog Olympics!

Now, just like finding the right fitness gear for your workouts, choosing the right products to promote requires a little research and finesse. You need to find products that align with your fitness blog’s niche and resonate with your audience.

Here’s the good news. The internet is brimming with fantastic affiliate programs that are eager to partner with fitness blogs like yours. You can sign up for affiliate accounts on Amazon Associate, Awin, CJ, or ShareASale, to name just a few – it’s like having a buffet of affiliate options right at your fingertips!

Once you’ve found your perfect match, it’s time to get creative! Promote those products through your blog posts, social media shares, or even some jaw-dropping fitness videos.

Sponsored Content

Picture this: you, the fitness influencer, shining like a superstar in your niche, talking about awesome brands and products while getting paid for it! It’s like becoming the face of a top-notch supplement brand, only without breaking a sweat!

But hold your kettlebells, my fitness stars, because sponsored content is a path reserved for those with a loyal and established following. It’s like being the captain of a championship-winning sports team – sponsors want to work with influencers who can score big with their audience!

Selling Your Own Product/Service

Next up, we have the self-made entrepreneurs of the fitness blog universe – the ones who dare to create and sell their own products or services. Writing an eBook, for example, is like crafting your own personalized fitness plan for your audience – it’s a way to share your passion and knowledge while earning some well-deserved bucks!


Now, let’s talk about freelancing – the flexibly rewarding option that lets you showcase your fitness writing or any other skill. With the fitness industry booming, there’s a hot demand for talented fitness writers, and your expertise is like a rare gem in the treasure chest!

Remember, my fitness freelancers, always know your worth. Like a top-notch personal trainer, your skills are valuable, and you should never settle for anything less. It’s like commanding the price you deserve and building a reputation that shines like a golden trophy!


See, there are so many opportunities to make a good buck on the internet.

You just need to try out different things and see what works best for you and your blog. Just don’t overdo it.

And please do not be a SPAMMER.

We don’t need more of those here.

We already have enough for a lifetime.

Have a sense of ethics and strive to, first, help people, then, second, make money.

Don’t let money be your ultimate goal.

Trust me, building a successful fitness blog takes a lot of time, work, and patience, but if you can provide true values and are genuine in your endeavors, you’ll get there, sooner or later.

To me, that’s invaluable!

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