5 Easy Ways to Make Money With your Running Passion

If you have immersed yourself in the running world, then why not make money out of it.

In today’s post, I’ll share with you a few ways that you can make money from running (maybe even during your free time if you already have a career).

You’ll really like this article if you’re:

  • Passionate about running and health
  • Committed to finding new streams of income
  • Enjoy learning more about the subject of running
  • Creative and have an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Have a vision but small or no budget.
  • Living from paycheck to paycheck.

Sounds great?

Let’s dig in.

1. Work For A Running Store

 Are you keeping an eye on the latest gear trends and technology in the running world?

If so, then check if your local specialty running store is looking for new staff.

Depending on the store size, you could get hired as a salesperson, event coordinator, training program coach, inventory, or even a jack of all trades employee in some smaller shops.

Sure, becoming a cashier to your local running store might not be the best career decision, but picking it up as a part-time will put you in the epicenter of your running community.

It’s also a great way to add up to your running knowledge once you decide to move up the ladder.

2. Start Your Online Store

If you’ve been running for a while, then you should already have a few ideas of what running gear and accessories works and what doesn’t.

One thing you can do to leverage your know-how to help other runners to find the best gear on the market.


Set up an online store where you offer products that like-minded runners from all over the globe can benefit from.

Besides setting up your website as an online store, you can build an online portfolio or earn money from affiliate sales.

What’s more?

Unlike starting a brick and mortar shop, building an e-commerce website is doesn’t require deep pockets.

You don’t need to worry about buying/leasing/renting a building, taking out insurance, dealing with maintenance, hiring staff, paying property taxes, or any other physical store needs.

Just choose a domain name, get your website up, upload your product descriptions and pages, and you’re ready to start cashing in.

The rest is just details.

3. Start Your Running Blog

If you’re both a runner and have a thing for words, explore the idea of writing about running in some capacity, especially if you have a lot of experience, ideas, and tips to share with others.

The best way to do is by starting your own running blog.

Becoming a blogger has many benefits.

For starters, you’ll have the opportunity to write about the subjects you’re most passionate about while building your own brand and expressing your opinions.

It’s also an efficient way to build your online portfolio for prospective clients and freelance gigs.

How to Get Started?


It only takes 15 minutes to set up a blog and get it running.

All you need is to purchase a blog hosting package.

Getting both a domain and hosting package from Bluehost that can cost a few bucks per month.

Get started now.

Next, choose an appropriate niche.

You have many options when it comes to running blog niches.

Some notable blogging niches in the running market include:

You could go, for example, for running for beginners (this blog focus), endurance training, marathon training, runners’ diet, running for the over 40, running injury, running for women, and so on.

Whatever niche you choose, make sure you come out with great content and have a well-designed blog to help it rank faster in the search engine.

You can make money blogging through ads, offering your personal services, brand partnerships, paid memberships forums, affiliate marketing, and more.

By far, this is the most lucrative venture, but building money-making blogs is a long term business strategy.

It may take you a year or longer before you start earning some cash.

It took me two years to start making money with Runners Blueprint, and it was mediocre money for…a…long…time.

Manners maketh man.

Patience maketh success.

4. Become Running Coach

If you love to connect with people and help them to exercise, then you might have the makings of a great running coach.

Contrary to popular belief, running coaches aren’t solely reserve for elite athletes.

The fact, many beginner and intermediate runners may seek out and look for the guidance of a good running coach to help them reach their training goals.

There are many things you can do as a running coach, from helping complete beginner take their first steps, coaching young kids, to offering virtual coaching and training services online.

While you are not going to join the superrich by being a running coach anytime soon, if you love running and love the idea of helping others, this could be a fulfilling career.

5. Become a Brand Ambassador on Instagram

If you have a thing for Instagram, you can start earning good money from the platform when you develop a big enough following.

This is especially the case if you’re already posting running related pictures.

You can use your IG account to build a loyal following, improve brand awareness, provide feedback, test products, etc.

You can also offer advertising space sponsored posts or even become a brand ambassador on your IG account.

Maybe if you already have merch or apparel, you can be your own ambassador.


Sponsors on Instagram look for two things: a large following (the type of following that suits their target demographics) and high engagement rates. Fake followers are unacceptable.

In other words, to turn your Instagram page into a money-making machine through sponsorships, you’ll need to build a large audience interested in running.


Hopefully, one or more of these ideas will help you start earning money in the running niche.

Still, looking for more ways to make money with fitness? Check the following:

  • Become a top athlete.
  • Become a certified physiologist.
  • Create a product.
  • Make YouTube videos.
  • Try affiliate marketing.
  • Write an eBook.
  • Sell your own products.
  • Build a running app.
  • Create an online course.
  • Sell Healthy Food.
  • Become a Retailer.
  • Fitness Writing.
  • Custom Meal Plans.
  • Host a seminar or workshop.
  • Create a video interview series.
  • Start a podcast.

What do you think? I’m open to suggestions.

Leave your suggestions and comments on how you’d like to make money with your running passion in the section below.

I’d love to hear from you.

Kind regards.



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