Cross Training For Runners

Cross training workouts and exercises for runners. This is what you need to do off-road to improve your running performance and protect yourself against injry

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How To Prevent Hamstrings Pain In Runners

Hamstrings injuries can be a real pain in the butt (no pun intended) for many of us runners who love to run, as these muscles are very prone to tears, strains, and inflammation while...
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How To Treat & Prevent Heartburn While Running

Getting a heartburn in the middle of a run sucks. But, if you’re prone to reflux episodes and are keen on running regularly, you know too well that running is prime time for heartburn flare-ups. In...

The Importance of Sleep For Runners

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re serious about making the most out of your running routine. But is your sleep up to speed? Here’s a shocking statistic: 40 percent of Americans get less than...

Does Running Make Your Legs Toned?

“Does Running Make Your Legs Toned?” is a frequently asked concern among athletes and even among regular people. Running is a challenging and powerful workout, so people who want to lose weight or trim...
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The Ultimate Sliders Strength Workout for Runners

The sliders are not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a fitness tool. But they are powerful, and as a runner, I really encourage you to add this powerful training...
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RECIPES: Top 6 nutritious smoothies you can have before and after a run

Before a workout, it’s important that you have enough energy to keep you going. Most times, a full breakfast is not an option. You want to have something that’s light but also staves off...
Yoga Poses to Ease Post-Run Muscle Soreness

6 Yoga Poses to Ease Post-Run Muscle Soreness

if you feel sore after a run, then good job buddy! But this soreness can also be a bad thing, especially if it’s interfering with your everyday activities. Post-run soreness can also be an unpleasant experience—even painful at times, and may interfere with your daily activity and how ready you can be—physically and mentally—for your next workout. Therefore, today I’m sharing with you one of my favorite cross-training activities you can do to speed up recovery: yoga.

The Interesting History & Evolution of Nike Air Technology

When the first pair of Nike Air sneakers made its appearance more than 40 years ago, it took the sneaker world by storm. Since then, these air-cushioned running shoes have garnered immense popularity —...
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The Runner’s Guide To Treating & Prevent Calf Pulls and Strains

Calf pulls are common and painful. But they also respond well to treatment, and there are many measures you can take to reduce your risk of re-injury. In today’s post, I’ll share with you a few practical tips to help guide you through the treatment and prevention of calf injury while running.
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Beginners Strength Program For Runners

If you have been reading Runners Blueprint for a while, then you know that I’m a strong proponent of strength training for runners. Sure, this is a runners’ blog, and I mostly write stuff for the running crowd. That said, any regular reader (or after checking my cross training page) might be surprised by the number of strength training workouts I shared in the last couple of years. But this time, I’m not going to share with you another workout. Instead, in today’s post, I’ll cover the basics of weight lifting for runners. I’ll show you the exact steps required to design your strength training program, even if you have never touched a dumbbell before.