A Simple Beginners Guide Shows You How 
To Start Running... Melt Away Stubborn 
Body Fat...And Drastically Improve
Your Stamina And Fitness Level...Guaranteed"

Finally, A Straightforward Step-By-Step Beginners Blueprint for Starting  Running training Program And keeping it consistent For life...Without pain or injury and in less than 8 weeks!

  Dear Friend,

If you have always wanted to start running but don't know how or where to begin, or you may just find it difficult to keep running after the second week, then this is going to be the most exciting message you have ever read

  Here is Why:

My name is David Dack and sometimes ago, I was out-of-shape and overweight, my health slinked into a deep bottomless hole, and couldn’t run even if my life depended on it.

I was so unhealthy and weak that I even couldn't climb a couple of stairs without huffing and puffing, and couldn't play catch with my 9 years nephews without risking a heart attack. Add to that, my embarrassing belly fat that kept getting bigger day by day, and the HUMILIATION that comes with it!

Actually I wasn’t just fat and ugly, I was desperate and unhappy with the with the way I felt and looked. And life seemed to get harder and harder as I piled on more pounds and faced a myriad of self-esteem issues.

Then one day I had the burning desire to change and get into a better shape. I wanted to lose the extra pounds and enhance my stamina and cardiovascular strength as soon as possible. And thus I promised myself to start a running program and do at least 3 workouts per week.

 But, rest assured, I kept failing over and over again. Each time I go out on a run, I start  getting cramps all over, my legs hurt like hell and, for some reason, I couldn't breathe in with ease.

Still, I pushed forward, hoping that my efforts will pay off somehow. See, most of us are taught that if something didn't work from the first shot, then we just have to push harder. Unfortunately, this couldn't be further from the truth.

In fact, after 3 weeks of physical torture, I was surprised to discover that I have added many unwanted pounds instead of trimming down. Not only that, I felt intense pain in my right knee and ankle. This only made me more frustrated and angry at myself.

Actually, this failure pattern lasted for more than a year. I will run straight for 2 or 3 weeks, Stop training for the entire month. Then I will be back on the track, only to repeat the same failure pattern again and again.

Then one day I decided to do some research on the subject and find out the reason why behind my repeated failures. I decided to learn everything there is to learn about running and fitness, I bought every book I could find and subscribed to a pile of magazines on the subject.

IThen I Had My Big Aha Moment That
 Changed Everything!


What I realized is that starting a running program and keeping for a consistent time are totally 2 different things.

I mean Let’s face it…almost anyone can start a running program. You don’t have to have to be an athlete. You don’t have to be great at motivating yourself. Basically, you just have to wear you running shoes and head out off the door


But, what if you want to keep running for a longer period of time? At least to the point where you start to see results. Well, that might NOT be so easy.

According to many studies on the subject, few people really stick with their training programs for a prolonged period of time if they even get started!

In fact, 98% Of People That Start
A Running Training Program
Never Get Past Week 3...

 Obviously This was my problem too. See, as humans, we may think that each one of us is different, but actually we aren't  and do share the same problems and frustrations.

Now, That I Know What Is The Problem I
 Had To Do Something About It!

Fortunately, while doing some research, I stumbled upon a running training system  that allowed  to keep my running program consistent. And here where everything changed for me.

By following this simple training system, I lost more than 30 pounds in a record timing. My stamina and fitness level improved drastically and thus  began to enjoy the body of my dreams.

In Other Words, I Started Getting Consistent Results!

I got so much amazing results that some of my family members and friends started urging me to show them how I did it. They asked me to teach them my method so they can also get similar results.

But I'm just a regular guy, I'm no fitness expert or a medical doctor, and I sucked at teaching. However I knew that I had to refine my method and create a more foolproof running system that's easy to follow and get's results.

Then, After more than 2 years of research and experimentation, I finally was able to hone and perfect my running system. and thus I began teaching it to others and they start getting consistent results as well.  I do confess that I have learned many things from the feedback I was getting from the people who tried my system.

 Now I Want To Share My Simple
System With You, So You
Can Too Get Similar Result

And I do think that I have the best beginner running system ever created! simply because it covers all fields before, during And after your runs; and answers almost all beginner's questions and concerns regarding the sport of running, without much hype and technical jargon.

With my simple step-by-step running guide, you will be able to create the most consistent and  injury-free running program in the  shortest time possible. My system is a complete "roadmap" for you to follow and contains nearly everything you need to know about running.

You Will Get Every Single Detail You
 Need To Go From Beginner To Competent
Runner In The Shortest Time Possible.

  Here's just a taste of what you're about to discover:

  • Running secrets used by all elite runners that most average runners don’t even recognize and… how you can get the most out of your workout…when you learn to recognize these little known secrets!

  • The right way of setting yourself goals and why using this one technique almost guarantees success with your running training.

  • A quickie “idiot’s guide” to running psychology! (instantly understand what makes you tick…and learn how to use it to turbo-charge motivation power!)

  • Very easy technique to double your motivation power overnight! (an astoundingly easy technique that I stole from hypnosis, it is well used UNCONSCIOUSLY by smart runners…but ignored by 99% of other not so bright runners!)

  • How to recognize and choose the perfect running partner even if you are extremely shy!

  • How to “set up” the perfect running workout…every time! You will discover the 5 stages preparation formula that ensures running success!

  • A 10 minutes change in the way you prepare for running, may very likely to drastically enhance  running performance and enjoyment.

  • A little known mental pre-run secret that gives you a foolproof method making certain that your workout will be a total success…every time you go out on a run.

  • Is your diet well balanced? The answer may shock the heck out of you…

  • The only food list anyone can trust about what really makes a runner full with energy and not gain undesired weight. (why this list can be trusted? Simply because…it was compiled by thousands of successful runners)

  • How to avoid the really dumb mistakes most runners make with their running form.

  • 10 things a runner must know about proper running form which guarantees he will have a great run without pain or nagging injuries!

  • 4 surefire ways to tell if you are having this proper running form.

  • How to figure out what your running program should be.

  • The amazing 4 steps shortcut to creating your ultimate running program. (How to quickly develop explosive power and speed…even if you sucked at running!)

  • The single simple way for almost any runner to develop more muscle mass  – an obvious training strategy that nevertheless eludes 9 out of every 10 runner!

  • The most successful and safest way to increase your running distance, so you can build up your endurance slowly and without risking injury.

And much, much more!

But why you should check out my running system?

There are maybe thousands of books and articles written on the subject of running, each book contains valuable information that can help a lot. In fact, you don’t have to purchase any book on running In order to learn about the subject, the internet is full with thousands of articles that offer tips and advice on the subject.

But Here is The Catch:

.95% of all books and articles
Written on the subject are

And Why My Program is Very Different From Everything Else Out There:

Reason #1:

 Most  the books and articles out there do not offer a complete step-by-step blueprint to running.

YES; some of the information out there is top notch and very valuable information; but you still have to fit the different pieces together, each books tells you about running but doesn’t show you how to do it.

Instead, with my running blueprint, I show you exactly how to fit the different pieces together so you won't have to do much thinking and focus on the training.

Reason #2:

Most of the information out there is written with a highly complicated and technical jargon. Most authors are expert runners and don't care about whether their message is getting across or not!

I'm not a fitness expert and thus I’ve written this program without the very technical jargon or the complicated matrices and training schedules. My whole program is broken down in to small manageable chunks that include simple explanation of  exactly what you’ll be doing and why.

Believe me, if you want to start a running program and stick to it, I can show EXACTLY how to do it.

And if you order now, I'll also include ALL of the following superb bonuses absolutely FREE.

   Bonus #1 (value - $17.66) - If you order now you will get this e-Book totally FREE - 'Running For Weight Loss: The Ultimate guide"

Inside This 27 pages e-Book You Will Learn...


  • How much calories running burns and how can you maximize this calorie burning process...

  • How fat got stored on your body and the best way to get rid of it

  • The only food list you should live by if you want to lose weight fast

  • The best diet for runners who want to lose weight fast and with no starving or loss of energy

  • How to plan your diet to lose weight but not compromise your running performance

  • The golden principles for weight loss running and how can you implement them almost overnight into your training workout for instant results!

This Special e-Book can be yours for free - If you order now. But wait I have another gift...


 Bonus #2 (value - $23.90) - My other gift to you is this awesome  e-Book - 'The 21 Mistakes Beginner Runners Make And How To Avoid Them"


Inside This 31 pages e-Book You Will Learn...


  •  The most common start-up mistakes runners make and how to begin running the right way.

  • Why avoiding making mistakes early on is the cornerstone of an injury-free and enjoyable running program.

  • Diet mistakes that may damage your weight loss efforts and compromise your running performance.

  • How to develop the proper running form by avoiding the dumb mistakes many runners make with their form.

  • Do you lack motivation for running? If so, you may be doing it the wrong way!

As I promised you before, this awesome e-Book can yours totally FREE if you just order now!


How Much This Whole Package Will Cost You?


So how much I'm asking for this life changing information?


How about just $27. That's far less than you'd pay for a gym membership or the cost of the many books that you'd have to read to get all this information somewhere else.

Let me remind you that by ordering now you will be getting the above 2 bonuses totally FREE - PLUS more. You can get your hands on all this information RIGHT NOW (You can instantly download the e-Book and the bonuses).

100% money-back guarantee, Take a full 60 days to check out the "the runners blueprint e-Book", and if you don't like it for any reason let me know and I'll give you your money back...no questions asked.

Is that fair?

If you don't like it, you shouldn't pay for it.

I'm so confident that you'll learn everything you need to change your life forever that I'm sure you won't have to. But if you're not completely satisfied you can very easily get a 100% refund.


Get Your Copy Now For Only $27


P.S. Remember there is a risk free 100% money back guarantee. You don't even need a reason! Just ask and we'll give you your money back. If you want to start running the right way, there's no reason not to order this e-Book today.

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